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Entry for May 11, 2007

Been thinking of my mom today. Today was her birthday, she would have been 71. I had dreams last night, none of them really clear. I didn’t see my parents, but the only part I can remember was that I was supposed to clean up yet another household where someone had been sick for a long time and died. I went into an unfamiliar room, where my parents were supposed to have been staying while they were very ill, and saw bedding (sheets and blankets) strewn around… I seem to remember white sheets a green blanket, but I could be wrong about that. Someone handed me a navy blue jacket and skirt combination and I remember thinking that it looked like something my mom would wear, then I remembered that it was the outfit she had picked out to be buried in. (Not in real life, but in my dream) In my dream she wasn’t dead, just not where I was.

Between that snippet of a dream and getting a phone call about more legal crud with Heather, my day didn’t start off so well. I did go to the bank and pet store, where I really wanted to go lovey all the kitties. They were looking for volunteers to come in and love the animals now and then. I think I’ll see how I can do that.

At least I got out in the sunshine for a bit.. that’s a positive!

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Concert Prom Flower Carmina Tosca Jesus

Quick blog tonight.. or should I say this morning.

Great concert- maybe I’ll be able to make a link to it when Dave figures that out.
My schedule is just very busy right now and I’m such a control freak that I want to make sure I have everything I can possibly have covered, covered, or some kind of contingency plan in place. That takes a TON out of you. No wonder I exhaust myself.

My daughter has prom tomorrow night and I have performances. My son promised to come pick me up from Meyerhoff so we could race over to the hotel and take pictures.. that way I at least get to see her in her gown.

I also have a chance to spend an hour at Flower Mart, which I’ve never been to, and since it’s on the doorstep of the my work, I guess I’ll take advantage of that.

Sunday is the performance of Carmina Burana and the final concert for our Towson campus, hours apart from one another. Saturday is the opening night for Tosca. The picture above is Frank in his robes on stage with the processional… hehehe… gotta love it.

I saw that Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to the Lyric in a couple of weeks with Ted Neely as Jesus. That means that he’s been portraying Jesus in that role for almost twice the amount of time that Jesus walked the earth. Ted is a 64 year old man portraying a 33 year old. Gotta love make up. I’d love to go, since it’s billed as Ted’s “Farewell Tour” heheheh… I guess 65 is just too old to play a 33 year old!!

Watch out, Dave.. you won’t be able to pretend much longer!! 🙂