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I’ve Gone Gray

Not me personally. Thankfully, I’ve been blessedly spared that problem!

But I peeked in here to see how my blog was doing and found that all my colors are gone!! Yikes!

Yes, I’m a hit whore. I love to see how many of you lovely people read my blog. I’m happy to say I’ve been getting some decent hits since I decided to write over here. (I have another blog I regularly write on as well.) Seems as though I can’t get ENOUGH of this addictive thing called blogging. And hopefully, I don’t bore you people too much! Lol.

I guess I better figure out what went haywire here. Any suggestions for a new color scheme? Tropical? Subdued? (me?… subdued? pishaw!!) Neon? Or should I leave it Gray?

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If Angels Get Their Wings

If Teacher was right, and angels get their wings every time a bell rings, then every time I have sex, the angels are in line, jumping up and down and shouting, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Not only do I have to worry about performance anxiety because the cat insists she has to be in close proximity to all intimate encounters, but I also have to try to ignore the sound of whatever device happens to go off during crucial moments.

I kid you not. I don’t care if I have sex in the early morning, middle of the day, evening, late at night or wee hours of pre-dawn, SOME kind of bell will start to sound.

It’s been telemarketers, not one, nor two, but three of the children calling in rapid succession, text message alerts, nextel beeps, the smoke alarm deciding that it’s battery needs to be changed, you name it.. if it can ring, blip, beep or chirp I’ve had it go off.

And it’s not like hubby and I are sex fiends who go at it night and day (DARN). We have busy lives and are comfy with our intimacy and we have no problems engaging at any of the aforementioned hours. But, no matter what, or when, or where… there will be a bell.

I guess I shouldn’t really complain, because it is rather heavenly and if I’m doing my part to help the heavenly host induct new members then all I can say is… honey.. let’s go make some angels!

“Giving out wings since 1982”

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Which One?

Yesterday, I was all warm and zoney after a great workout at the gym. You know how you feel like you are kind of liquid and calm after a work out? Almost like you could just curl up for a nice nap…. you are that relaxed? No? Ok, fine! That’s how I feel. It’s almost the same feeling I get after having great sex. I feel like I’ve been turned into a puddle.

Enough about that! (ahem.. ‘s’cuse me!) Anyway, I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car with this nice warm and fuzzy feeling, waiting for the traffic to clear so we could make a right turn onto the road to go home. It was rush hour, so we sat there for a good long while. It had been warm out, near to 50 degrees and a cold front was starting to blow through. While I was listening to an astronomer talk about the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet, I was zoning unfocused, but intently on the fluttering foil-looking decorations that were strung in 4 rows between two poles at the used car lot across the road. They were blowing towards me and were furiously flapping in the stiff breeze.

I thought, “Gee, they are just foil, and in the weather constantly, I wonder what it would actually take for one of those to start coming off.”  I watched a few more seconds, staring at the same point and then.. omg… that part peeled away from the wire!!!  FREEAKY!!  I watched a bit longer, thinking maybe it had already been off and I hadn’t realized it, but then it just kept coming off, more and more until about a 5 foot piece of it was flapping around, the weight pulling more and more off the wire.

I said to hubby, “I was just thinking what it would take to get one of those banners to start to come apart!”

He said, “Yeah, I was just watching that one and it started peeling off the wire.”

I was glad I wasn’t the only one to see it, because it validated that we saw it happen, not that it had already been peeling and then we noticed it.

So which one was it? Was it premonition? Was it simple coincidence? Or was is quantum manifesting?

Did I know it was going to come off just before it did? (premonition)
Did I factor in the logic of how the thing could deteriorate and then figure a stiff breeze would pull it off and just happen to be there when it did? (coincidence)
Did I think about the piece pulling away from the wire with that focused thought process and make my own reality occur? (quantum manifesting)

I like this example because there aren’t very many complex variables to it.

Hubby says there has been research into how we actually see things. He says there is science to support the thought that we actually are conscious of  things with our mind before we actually see them with our eyes. Since the time between our seeing an image and the time it takes for our minds to make sense of what we are seeing is brief, but there, we naturally fill in the missing time with what we EXPECT to see and thus we are always looking a tiny bit into the future.

Dunno. Anyone have any ideas?

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Let’s get this straight right away.

I don’t like football.

Sorry, people, but I don’t. At least not American football. I prefer soccer and even then I have a limited attention span. To me, sports on TV are a fine time to engage in a nap. Hubby loves to watch Nascar, Sharon will take that time to snooze.

With that said, I’m going to a Superbowl party tonight. The Big Game is a social event for me. A time where I get to hang out, and bother, my friends. I mean, really, is there ever a better time to throw bits of food at your friends and blame it on others? (Hey.. the host requested that I and another guest take aim on one particular person, can I help it if I feel the need to honor her request?)

I have prime launching seating too. Another non-football-caring friend and I take this time to work on our knitting and crochet. Everyone likes to see what new project we are working on in the Stitch and Bitch corner.
Sadly, this year, I don’t have anything NEW, which only means I haven’t completed what I had worked on last year. I have my choice of working on a scarf, …..or working on a scarf. (Great choices, eh?)  I think I may take the Dr. Who scarf tonight instead of the usurper scarf that I was working on. The Dr. Who scarf uses much larger needles and so progress goes just a tad faster.

Not that I haven’t been prepping for the Big Game all week. I started off on Monday, baking some cookies, which I felt were terrible. So, what do you do with cookies that you feel suck? You send them to work with the hubby, where the downtrodden employees snarf them up faster than you can blink and demand that you make more of those “wonderful” cookies. Honestly, you’d think these people had only ever eaten the Keebler box and thought it was a cookie!!

Then I made some 3BM chili. Stop laughing… it just means that i used 3 different beans and meats in my chili.

I never know how much chili to make, and I ALWAYS make too much. This time I ended up filling a pot and a crock pot, so I’ll be having 3BM for a while, since I’m sure there is no way they will eat it all.

I did finally make a cookie I liked. A referee cookie. Shortbread with white glaze and chocolate stripes. (Because the refs need some lovin’ too, even if the mob does pay them well to throw the game…)

I also will be taking some veggies and hummus (for those of us who like to pretend we will eat something healthy during the game) and finally, I still have to finish up something called a Cake Ball.

Cake balls are  like truffles, but you bake a cake and immediately smash it up ( that was liberating) and you mix in some coordinating frosting. Then you make little balls out of the “dough” and you melt some kind of  coating and dip the balls into that. All in all it’s a diabetic nightmare of a treat. I chose Dark Chocolate cake, with cream cheese frosting covered in Dark Chocolate. (I’m FEMALE, of course I’m picking CHOCOLATE) and I also did Carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting and a Cinnamon coating, just for kicks. Because, remember, I can never make a small batch of anything!!

I saved the dipping and coating for today, knowing they’d never last through the week here if I hadn’t. Of course, all this dipping and coating would be oh-so-easy if last night, MY MICROWAVE hadn’t bit the dust. I LITERALLY got the little card in the mail about a week ago asking me to renew my warranty on the silly thing. I think they monitor the scrap of paper and if they find it in your recycling bin, they activate the chip in your microwave that blows up the main element that makes the blasted thing work. Now I’m back to the old fashioned and difficult task of using the cook top to melt the candy…. blech… which I better get to or I’ll be nothing but a raving lunatic because my plans.. MY PLANS… were not realized in a timely manner and we know what hell there is to pay if that happens.

Hell hath no whining, grumpy, fury like a woman who’s plans went awry!