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All access to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s production of Jeanne d’Arc au bucher – oh yeah!

Thanks to the Dean and I enjoyed watching Marin Alsop run through a rehearsal. I gave her a few pointers.

I may be tiny and green, but I’ve got some awesome buddies.

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Stuff That’s Klunking Around

I got my review in August. I  look at it every day with the intention of working on it and then I do something more important (at least to me) or more pertinent(at least to my job). I said to the boss, “Can’t we just say ‘She does her job.’ ?” She said, “No. We’d have to say, ‘She does her job, very well.’ ” I could live with that.

Ever since Italy, I haven’t been able to hang out with one of my close friends. Tonight she tells me she’s planned a huge shindig for the Ravens game on Thanksgiving. Harrumph! I couldn’t care less about the football, but I’d love to go to a bonfire with outside projector screens for viewing. Just the whole atmosphere sounds like a fantastically fun time. My dilemma? I go to another friends house for Thanksgiving every year. I love going there, too, and we have a great time, so… yeah!  Um, where did I leave that cloning machine again?

Going to celebrate Hubby’s bday at the local race track. Just read something in the paper the other day that made mention that the track may be having its final season after 100 years. That’s just so sad. I hope they work it all out. We have a great time going. It was the worst move EVER to not give the race track slots and instead put them at the MALL where kids hang out. Such dullards.

Getting ready for another cool adventure with the Chorus! 20 of our singers will be performing Joan d’Arc du Bucher with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. That’s an excellent opportunity in and of itself, but we are taking the show on the road and will be playing Carnegie Hall. Lots of excited moms and pops – and chorus managers. Should be awesome.

Thinking of that makes me cringe at the fact that I don’t have Italy stuff up yet. Trust me, I’ve done some of my part… I’m waiting on approval and tweaking by those with better knowledge of the music than I. I’d stripped out the audio from the HD video and replaced it with audio we captured with an H4Zoom. (I see your eyes glazing over, trust me, it’ll all be over soon) I synced up the singers with the sound and thought I’d gotten is spot on, but the boss believes she can play with it just that much more and so I’m waiting on her. It’s a gorgeous concert, btw.

Looking at where we may go in 2013. One thought is Paris, the other is Austria/Slovakia/Hungary. I’m game for the latter, but I think the boss is leaning to the former. On of these days I’ll get to Scotland!

House hunting went well. That house I had posted pictures for was GORGEOUS and both Frank and I loved it, but it doesn’t meet some of our “have to have” list and so we are going to let it go. There is another house that’s really a diamond in the rough that is structurally great, but needs some tlc and updating. Mostly flooring, which is no big deal for us. We’ll see. I’m not feeling pressed either way.