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Heather, Lilli and Sebastian are visiting this week. The house is as babyproofed as it can be. The dog has a few new toys and treats to keep her occupied and not feeling left out. Everyone took off Wednesday so we can all have some family/baby time as well. Now we are just waiting.

Heather had to take the girls to their father first, and she got on the road around 3am, dropped them off at 7:00am and is traveling the rest of the way here now. We expect her about 5pm or so. A long day for everyone in that car, but she has her own room and will be able to rest a bit. I’m sure someone here will be loving on the kidlets enough to let her have some quiet time.

We are all excited and looking forward to seeing our daughter/sister and our grandchildren/niece and nephew. Some of us have never seen the boy at all and others haven’t seen the girl in over a year. That’s far too long!!

Lasagna is in the oven, bubbling away for dinner. I just need to pick up some crusty bread and we are set for an evening of visiting!

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Bedtime Symphony

When I was 14, I would put this song (“Fools Overture”) on, lay down in my bed and listen to it as I started to drift off to sleep. The music was a soundtrack for different “mini movies” I’d make in my head before I drifted off. I remember it used to block out all the mundane thoughts rolling around in my head and let my imagination take off, or let me have my private conversations with the universe without the clutter of life crowding in. Maybe I should take a page from my past and set my cd player up to listen to a piece of music before I drift off to sleep and see if it affords me the same “quiet time” it used to.

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Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I’ve been trying to realign my sleep habits. I am notorious for being up late at night, a time I really enjoy, but the world doesn’t really function at that time of the day and I’m not getting as much done in my mornings as I feel I need to. So, I’m either going to have to get up even if I’ve stayed up late, or just try to go to sleep earlier in the evening.

Frank had asked me if I had any kind of New Year’s Resolutions the other day. I wouldn’t say they were New Year’s Resolution, but I can’t deny the timing isn’t there. Besides the sleep habits, I told him that I felt I needed to ~ of all things~ get more organized and structured. Ok, before all of you who KNOW me start to laugh uproariously, lemme ‘splain!

To many people, I am sickeningly organized. I have my job because of my ability to organize. I’m looked to as the ‘group event’ person because of what?… you guessed it, I’m organized.

But I don’t feel as though I’m working up to my potential personally. I’ve been busily taking care of others and their events and still not taking care of me! I don’t plan enough time in the day for all the things I want to do. If I have planned the time then I am lacking the structure or the discipline to follow through with them. I suppose that’s more the point. I am trying to put some structure back into my world.

I love the job I’m in and my current situation, but let’s face it. I’ve been pretty free-falling for more than a few years (mostly because I really did need that for a bit~thanks!) but now I’m good and this vacation from discipline and structure is interfering with productivity! The trick for me will be, and it will be difficult ’cause I tend to be an all or nothing gal, trying to find a happy midpoint between the two concepts of structure and do-nothing time.

That being said, I guess I’ll go get a smidgen more coffee and go take care of my work  and email. I need to finish making a menu for next week, so that I can go to the grocery store and have food available here for toddlers since Heather, Sebastian and Lilli will be visiting for a week and I need to pick up and baby proof a bit as well. Here’s to a productive day! Cheers!

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I got my hair done today. I don’t really like it. I was happier when I was two toned and that wasn’t happy at all. Now my hair is many shades darker than I’ve ever liked it and am a bit miffed because the lady did the exact opposite of what I was looking for. I’m sure she didn’t mean to make me so upset, and she did a good job…on the hair cut and the quality of the color.. but I just don’t feel like me.

Then I went to pick up my glasses, or should I say lenses. I get that I’ll have to get used to them, since they are progressive lenses. The adjustment for seeing out of the bottom of the glasses really isn’t that difficult for me. The problems I am having is that the prescription on the top part seems so out of whack. I can barely see. And I paid to have an anti glare coating on them and I don’t think that happened.I’m going to have to call and see…it’s so frustrating to have not been able to see without two pair of glasses for so long and now (even tho I KNOW I have to try and give them some time) I still can’t see. I can’t tell you how frustrating it’s been to not be able to focus.

Trivial things in the scope of the world, but just stuff bugging me today.