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Another Format?

I wander away from my blog for a few months and when I come back, it’s practically unidentifiable. Although you guys don’t see it on your side of the blog, this back side thing is pretty different.

So, where have I been? Why haven’t I posted photos of the wedding? What’s new?

I’ve been here. I’ve been thinking. A. Lot. Of. Thinking.

Sometimes life reminds you that you need to think about stuff, and that’s how it’s been for me since this past spring. But, I think I’ve done most of my thinking and now I’m just going to settle into what’s the new norm.

Just like the back side of wordpress is a bit different, so am I. Another format. Another kind of interface. Each one designed to make use easier and more enjoyable. The development process may be difficult and there will be kinks and bugs in the creation, but ultimately, the end result is worth the  effort it took to complete the task.

Yeah.. so, enough about that. It’s an ongoing “thing”, peeps. Evolve.