My title is a perfect example of how my mind works.  This blog is a mixture of all the little snippets and tidbits in time that make up the whole of who I am and my life experiences, so it made sense to me to title the “About” page “Smidgen” instead.

Here is a smidgen of what I’m like.

I’m at a place in life where I can examine who I am and where I’ve been and what’s next.  My relationship is secure, my children are grown and living their lives and I have a stable career that I’m ecstatic about.  So what’s left, right? (both are directions, actually)

Just me, in many ways.

It’s my time to reflect, grow, expand, remember, review, learn, read and interact. I like to say I’m living my 2nd time 20’s with a little more money.

I’m a pretty optimistic person. I love to laugh. I prefer to be happy over sad although I recognize that there is a place for every emotion. I can be snarky at times if I’m annoyed. I smile a lot. I’m allergic to onions. I loved my cat, my dog I don’t love as much. (Hey, I’m being honest here!!)  I’m not into sports, although I like soccer more than anything else. I love to go for walks. Doesn’t matter if it’s mountains or beaches, I prefer to be near water, but I hate dealing with the sand. My mom used to call me “Rain and Sunshine”.  I’ve been married for 29 years.  I’m usually the one that organizes things, but I can be a procrastinator. I’m outgoing, yet shy, all at the same time.  (ergh!)

My passions?

Other than my family, there are many areas that pique my interest:

  • Music – just about any kind unless it’s screaming or exceedingly vulgar
  • Travel – how do others live, not just tourist travel
  • Children – I love to watch the way their minds work, plus you can depend on them to tell you how it “really” is
  • Reading and Writing – reading everything interesting, writing and hoping it’s interesting to others
  • Simple photography – point, click, voila! Of course, I’d take a class to learn how to complicate that!
  • Learning new skills – sculpture, needlework, languages
  • Cooking – I’d like to learn how to cook more ethnic foods

If you want to know more, read my blogs or ask. I welcome conversations!

Well, Sharon, if you wanna know what I think....

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