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Random Mutterings 2

I saw a rare Porsche, with an older blonde lady in the drivers seat. She rolled down her window to talk to the car next to her at the red light. After a few sentences she picked up her tiny dog to show the people in the other car. It had on a pink tu-tu dress.

And a tiny skull mask.  No lie… only in my hometown….


Scout believes that the more crowded my desk is with work, the more he needs to stretch out across it.


I’m still not sure what this cake is supposed to be. Nor what that green thing represents… ahem…


Although this one I think is from the Groucho Marx cupcake collection. Oh my!



Every year, just around this time, I want to plant things. Let’s ignore that I don’t really like to get my hands dirty, or that I don’t like dirt under my fingernails, and I don’t want to follow all the steps necessary to have a successful garden. I like to see things blooming and I like growing stuff, but without the work. Basically, I’m lazy and don’t have much time in the Spring.


The other day I was doing dishes and started thinking about the drive-in and the annual dusk to dawn show they have on Memorial day. My first instinct was to start sending emails to set up times for my buds to go together. Then I remembered that two of them moved. Sigh…I miss you guys.



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I decided I’d do some volunteer work in my town, because really, if I had my way, I’d just volunteer all the time. The Cow Cownty Arts center does a fundraiser/show every year called The Peep Show. It’s filled with sculptures, art installations, movies and dioramas made with those marshmallow treats aka Peeps.

I was pretty nervous about this. Usually, I’m in charge of an event, not a worker bee. Not that I mind being a worker bee, it’s just not what my role has been. Having said that, it was good for me to be a worker bee instead of the Queen. It reminded me how volunteers feel when they come to my events and don’t know what needs to be done.

In this instance the “Queen” was quite organized. I arrived on time and she let me know my assignment with a brief explanation of what my role was. I went to my post and there was a clipboard also explaining what my job was.

  1. Try to sell votes! (the fundraiser portion is people buying votes and voting for their favorite piece of Peep art)
  2. Hand out “Guess” forms and limit to one per family. This was for people trying to guess how many Peeps were in a Popcorn machine.
  3. Sell Peep tattoos. (see my photo above) They encouraged me to try a few until I got comfy with the process. I think I did a good job!

That doesn’t seem like too much, but once the doors opened at 10:00 am, I was constantly busy until my shift was over at 1pm. I ended up with far more free guesses in my entry bowl and a pretty fat purse for my tattoos, but I didn’t really do very well with votes. Meh.. I had fun with the little kids, and I ended up putting tattoos on some pretty big kids as well.( You go, Grandma! That yellow Peep chick on your cheek is awesome!) Hands down, the blue bunny was the biggest seller.

Hubby and I volunteered for another shift on Easter Sunday, since there aren’t any kidlets at my house. Then we’ll get something to eat quickly and watch Game of Thrones – because you can’t get any farther away from brightly colored marshmallow cuteness than Game of Thrones!

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Hubby’s Hairy Legs in High Heels

The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and my husband was donning his black socks and silver high heels.

You read that right. High. Heels.

He and a friend of ours participated in the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event to raise money to help victims of sexual abuse and rape.

About a month ago, we were leaving a restaurant downtown when the flyer advertising this event caught my eye. Immediately, I knew this was something we could do. Now, only to find a pair of heels for him to wear. Size 16 isn’t the easiest shoe to find in a set of heels!

So, I did what most people do when they need a bit of help, and turned to my friends on Facebook for a little bit of shoe shopping networking. BAM! Almost immediately, someone sent me a link to these beauties on Ebay.


We registered him, put up our donation page and started talking to our friends and family about what we were doing and why. During the registration process they ask you to set a goal and just for fun I said we should shoot for the moon and make our goal $1000.00. At first donations just trickled in, with one large donor early on. We were thankful that we’d raised slightly over $100.00.

Then, we set up a jar at Hubby’s work and sent out a few emails and were tickled pink and humbled when the donations started to come in a bit more fluidly.

Saturday morning dawned and when we checked his donation page again, we found that not only had he met his goal, but he was quickly approaching the top fundraiser position. WOW! AMAZING! We drove off to the event and found that if he does get the top donor position, not only will he get a small trophy for his efforts, but he’ll appear on the event webpage and have his picture on the shirt design. How awesome is that? But better than any of that is that the Rape Crisis Intervention Services will benefit and the money raised will go directly to victims of rape and sexual abuse. You can still give until May 2, 2014 by going to:

There were many groups attending and some pretty amazing choices in footwear going on. I made a little video of our day for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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“Have fun, be crazy, be weird.”–@tonyrobbins

“Have fun, be crazy, be weird.”–@tonyrobbins.

This has been in my drafts for a little over a year. I’m not sure why I just let it sit there, languishing. It’s a great quote and reminds me that things aren’t as “heavy” as I think they are at times.

The earth won’t collapse if I messed up someone’s ticket request by overwriting an xl file with a new file, right? I’m pretty sure I didn’t overwrite something I’d made a note of on an impermanent file… pretty sure…. ARGH!!

No, the earth won’t collapse, but there could be a very angry and upset parent with guests and no seats if I did. I guess this calls for a review of emails about ticketing. Sigh… I’ve just added another hour or two to the Human Tetris process.  I guess my inner Loki felt as though I needed some additional challenge this year. Maybe I can find an inner Hulk to smash the hell out of that stupid Loki as well. Do they have guided meditation for those kinds of things?

Let’s see. Have fun. Be crazy. Be weird.

I think I’ve achieved the “Be crazy” with my inner god vs. inner superhero reference.

I think I’ve achieved the “Be weird” as well.

Looks like I need to achieve the “Have fun” portion of this equation.

To that end, I’m going for a walk with some music and my puppy. Screw Human Tetris, Loki and the Hulk.