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Random Mutterings 2

I saw a rare Porsche, with an older blonde lady in the drivers seat. She rolled down her window to talk to the car next to her at the red light. After a few sentences she picked up her tiny dog to show the people in the other car. It had on a pink tu-tu dress.

And a tiny skull mask.  No lie… only in my hometown….


Scout believes that the more crowded my desk is with work, the more he needs to stretch out across it.


I’m still not sure what this cake is supposed to be. Nor what that green thing represents… ahem…


Although this one I think is from the Groucho Marx cupcake collection. Oh my!



Every year, just around this time, I want to plant things. Let’s ignore that I don’t really like to get my hands dirty, or that I don’t like dirt under my fingernails, and I don’t want to follow all the steps necessary to have a successful garden. I like to see things blooming and I like growing stuff, but without the work. Basically, I’m lazy and don’t have much time in the Spring.


The other day I was doing dishes and started thinking about the drive-in and the annual dusk to dawn show they have on Memorial day. My first instinct was to start sending emails to set up times for my buds to go together. Then I remembered that two of them moved. Sigh…I miss you guys.




I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

4 thoughts on “Random Mutterings 2

    1. Agreed on the cake thing. I think it’s supposed to be a rabbit butt. And the cupcake is just some soul-less creature.

      How in the world did you find that app? That would be good. Let’s figure out a date!

      1. Well, I slaved for hours and hours googling “watch movies online with my friends” and it was like…the first result. LOL

        Don’t get too excited, though, it looks like you can only either choose from their freebie movies or upload your own.

      2. Wow! The lengths you go to! I’m amazed! ;0)

        Let’s figure something out.. or you can tell me if my dates are ok and I’ll do a D2D with you in person.

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