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Last Post from THIS home…

Truck is in the driveway and Sr. and Jr. already have it half filled. Furniture, bags and boxes are being regularly assessed for size and placement. Sr. swears this 28 foot truck will hold all our stuff, but Jr. keeps looking around dubiously.

Piper is being a really good girl. She’s sitting at the top of the steps on her carpet and staring out the wide open door. There really isn’t anything stopping her from bounding outside with her people, except years of training. I wonder how she’ll behave with a new front door. She’s going to go live with Jr once we empty the house so we can go to settlement and then unpack a bit. We thought that might decrease the stress for her.

This morning was one of the first mornings I slept in. I thought I’d be up with the crack of dawn, but I was so relaxed that all the hard stuff was done and this was just the fun part, that I took advantage of a few extra hours of sleep.

Even though we purged before setting the house for sale, there’s still just so much STUFF. I think I’m set for the second purge, which would be when I unpack. I mean, do I really need this that or the other? Especially stuff that’s been in the barn for a few months. We’ll see. I think I’ll be “unpacking” for a while.

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Driving Home

Tonight I realized that I wasn’t going to be coming home from work the way I normally do- ever again. How strange.

In fact, I’ve been looking around me all week and thinking, “Won’t see that again.” or “Wonder when I’ll be back.”

I know people leave an area all the time, but I grew up only a few miles from where I currently live, so I’ve been here for 48+ years. Strange that you make all these plans and THEN look around and think to yourself about all that you are leaving.

I’m pretty sure I’m fine with leaving it all and I’m fine with learning new places as well. I do think I might miss my current Tuesday drive home from work, though.

Hubby gets annoyed with me because I take the longer way home instead of coming straight down the big highway, but if I had my way I’d be driving back roads as much as I possibly could.

The reason I like my Tuesday night ride home so much is because the route I take goes right past a spice manufacturer, and the aroma for whatever they are processing that evening is – for lack of better words – HEAVENLY!! I look forward to topping the hill and having some earthy smell permeate my car. I take in huge lungfuls of air rapidly, just so I can experience the smell for as long as I can. Cinnamon, basil, oregano, cilantro, sage – you name it, I’ve gone by and reveled in the smells.

Yep, I think I’m going to miss that.

Tonight, it was fennel.

I guess I’ll have to grow and herb garden.

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Absent, But Not Gone

I can’t believe that this time last year, I had written a blog for every day in the month of February.. or was it January? Ha! See, it’s been so crazed that I can’t even remember… or maybe it’s just being blond that does that to me? {It was March, btw}

I’ve surely been an absent blogger of late, both here and over on What Andy Does, which is a shared blog with my Hubby. No doubt you’ve seen that we are all in a tither because we’ve sold our house in which we’ve lived for 25 years and are embarking on a new adventure in a new home very soon. Everything comes to a head on February 27th, and then… just like that… it’ll be done. I’m hoping to have internet back up during next week, but that will depend on the cable company. Doesn’t it always?

Aside from all my worldly possessions either being stored in a barn or my living room, there have been a few other things going on.

1. I got a raise! Yep… I got a raise. I’m so happy about this.

2. Bessie passed away. I don’t think I wrote about this, but we had to put my sweet kitty down right after Christmas. Christmas was always her favorite time of the year. She’d sit on packages under the tree, or amongst the holiday greenery, the entire day. She had stopped eating and near the end and was shunning contact with people. I cried and cried, but then I remembered all the cuddly love time I had with her and I was better. From a tiny little ball that didn’t have her eyes open when she was given to me and I was her pseudo-mom, to the 18 years of kitty love and cuddles she’d given back, I was blessed to have had her in my world. She’s absent, but not really gone.

3. Paris planning has been a big thing lately. Even though I still haven’t finished my videos from Italy – and I know everyone is as sick of hearing they are coming as I am in saying they are coming – I’m now in negotiations for a tour of France, centering mostly in Paris. About 6 months after getting home from Italy, we started discussing the possibility of going to Paris. Immediately after that, I started seeing the Eiffel Tower EVERYWHERE!! In one day, at 5 different stores, I turn around and BAM! there would be another reference to France. Ok, Universe, I hear you… I have no problems with planning another trip.

4. Elijah and Carmina Burana – Because we can’t have a Spring without some kind of extra something going on. No complaints at all, since I like the bustle, but we are looking at a new cloning machine. We have Spring Concerts and guest performances in Elijah along with Carmina Burana all in one weekend, with times overlapping. Let me just say a HUGE thank-you to the volunteers in advance!!

So, the next time I check in, I’ll probably give you an update on how the move went and what changes are in store for the new house. It’s living in the 80’s and I’m coming to drag it into 20??, while I listen to music from the 80’s. Lol.