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Last Post from THIS home…

Truck is in the driveway and Sr. and Jr. already have it half filled. Furniture, bags and boxes are being regularly assessed for size and placement. Sr. swears this 28 foot truck will hold all our stuff, but Jr. keeps looking around dubiously.

Piper is being a really good girl. She’s sitting at the top of the steps on her carpet and staring out the wide open door. There really isn’t anything stopping her from bounding outside with her people, except years of training. I wonder how she’ll behave with a new front door. She’s going to go live with Jr once we empty the house so we can go to settlement and then unpack a bit. We thought that might decrease the stress for her.

This morning was one of the first mornings I slept in. I thought I’d be up with the crack of dawn, but I was so relaxed that all the hard stuff was done and this was just the fun part, that I took advantage of a few extra hours of sleep.

Even though we purged before setting the house for sale, there’s still just so much STUFF. I think I’m set for the second purge, which would be when I unpack. I mean, do I really need this that or the other? Especially stuff that’s been in the barn for a few months. We’ll see. I think I’ll be “unpacking” for a while.


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