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Settling In

With the help of our friends, we’ve done it. All my belongings have been successfully reclaimed and are scattered about the house awaiting attention from me. However, some of them will just have to wait a bit.

The weekend before settlement, three angels came to my house, rolled up their sleeves and asked, “What do you need done!”  I can’t express my thanks and love enough to these ladies. Between that day and the next, the ladies, my husband and my eldest son managed to stuff a truck full of 25 years of our lives. Pizza and doughnuts may have been involved, but I’m not confirming any rumors of such! :0) By Sunday afternoon, I was saying farewell to the old house and thanking it for all the good times we’d had and heading off for the walk-through of the new home.

Even though it was a near herculean effort to back the truck up the driveway – it’s VERY steep – hubby did it. We made sure all was in order and then it was off to a hotel room for the night. The next day we sold the old home and awaiting settlement on the new one. When the appointed time arrived, we all gathered at the realtors office and politely waited for the title company to arrive. And waited. And waited. Seems the title company forgot our settlement and had to reschedule for later that night at 8pm. It was ok with us but it meant another night in a hotel.

Tuesday we were up and out early, eager to begin unloading at our new abode. Our old neighbor came to the rescue and helped us relieve the truck of most of the contents. (Thank you, Jesse!)

The rest of the week was a blur of boxes and people. The new house is like a new baby in our family. Everyone wanted to come by and take a peek around, which is great. We loved sharing our new home with our friends.


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