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Thanksgiving will be outside next year…

First, and I’m sure this will sound totally UN American, but I can’t STAND the smell of turkey roasting in my house. Poultry skin stench of any kind is not tolerated, but turkey in particular is abhorrent to my delicate sensitivities! 😉

Second, I’ve tried to lighten the T-Day meal in some ways by including more fiber and whole grains, fresh ingredients, less butter (whaaaaaa) and overall better nutrition. This year the menu was Turkey (cooked outside on the grill… frees up space in the oven and avoids that “aromatic” problem) a naturally cured, no nitrite ham, fauxtatoes (mashed and whipped cauliflower) corn with red peppers and broccoli bits, sweet potato whipped with maple syrup, nuts, and some egg whites on a pecan meal crust, stuffing made from scratch with double protein whole grain bread cubes, cranberries pulsed together with an orange, some orange juice and a few walnuts, steamed string beans, wheat rolls and yes.. finally… some butter! Kinda heavy on the starch side but definitely full of fiber.

Third, due to the menu above, there is now another “aromatic” problem in my household. About an hour after dinner, all night last night and so far all this morning, there have been a plethora of gaseous emissions from my family. The lingering kind.


So, I’ve decided that next year some extra planning must be given consideration and that I should leave myself a note in the cyber-world to remind me of what I need to do differently.
1. Buy some flame-less candles. (No need to tempt the Methane Gods into blowing up the house.)
2. Move the TV, couch, beds and video games outside so everyone can enjoy some fresh air!
3. If there is bad weather predicted and you can’t move life outside, remember to purchase air fresheners for each room of the house, extra TP and turn on the whole house fan.

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Funny Things I Saw Today

A woman walking with a ferret on her shoulder. He had on his leash, but he was more interested in the bi-pedal transportation.

A man wearing a black coat that was flapping in the breeze and a flat-crowned black hat. All I could think of was Zorro.. or V for Vendetta.

Gas for $1.77 a gallon. (Laughs and jumps for joy!)

It’s the simple things in life for me!

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I am currently reading “Twilight” by Stephanie Myers, and hoping I finish it before the movie comes out. Not that I’m going to race to the theater and camp out to be the first person to see the movie, but I would like to finish the story before it’s splashed all over the place any more than it already will be.

My daughter got the series from her room mate and passed the along to me. I was not in a rush to read them until a friend said she’s zipped through the whole series after being urged to by her mother. Then I began hearing some of the kids I work with talking about it as well. Just like I did with Harry Potter, I decided to take the plunge and see what everyone was yammering about.

The story has been good so far, and I’m about halfway through the book, but I wouldn’t be giving a darn thing away if I tell you that one of the main characters is supposed to be a vampire. In one part they refer to the family of vampires as “the cold ones”. As soon as I read that I began to get an inkling of fear.

I’m constantly cold. My hands are blue, like ice cubes. People cringe from me when I go to touch them. But unlike the lightning fast ability to move, my movements are a bit more slow. However, compare my movements and the amount I get done in a day to most of the people I know, and I bet I’m whizzing along in double time!!

The vampires in this book choose to dine on wildlife rather than humans…. hey! me too!! I’ll take a nice bison steak on the juicy red side any time of the day over humans!

The vampires don’t sleep. Have you ever noticed the time stamp on most of my blogs? I don’t sleep much either.

The vampires are iridescent. Ok, with a little glitter powder I can do that too… or if I just don’t go outside to soak up any rays for a few months, I’d be so white that I’d glow too!!

Yikes!! Have I been a vampire all this time and not realized it???

Then I remembered that I hadn’t taken my thyroid meds in a few days because I forgot to pick up the prescription, hehehehe… I sure am glad I’m only ingesting dessicated bovine thyroid and not something disgusting like human blood!

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Everybody’s Working on the Weekends

Oh! Wait! Isn’t that supposed to be “Everybody’s working for the weekend” ?

I do a lot of my work via email and damnit, apparently I’m too friggin’ efficient. I got two emails today, Sunday remember, from people demanding answers immediately to their questions. Um, hello? It’s SUNDAY!!! Can’t I have a day off?? Cripes!

And none of this is earth-shattering, time-sensitive information. It can all wait until Monday morning. Can’t you people see I’m far too busy reading and posting on BLOGS to answer your silly little questions? Don’t you understand you might interrupt my napping schedule after my hard day yesterday of betting at the racetrack?

I mean, get a life! Maybe you want your information NOW, but did you ever consider that you might impact the reheating of leftovers for dinner?? Or the ultimately important task of actually reading a magazine I get BEFORE it goes to paper recycling. Don’t you want me to be INFORMED of the LATEST FASHION TRENDS?? Just because I work from home, doesn’t mean the cat and the dog don’t appreciate the most recent in haute couture!


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Hanging with the Boys

Liquid dinner for all the family.

Today, my eldest child was told they were laid off. My third child is only working part time-ish and my hubby has been lopping heads right and left in his department and *I* was told in a lengthy meeting that making money for the company is BAD! Huh??

Some strange cosmic energy construed to have us all come together at the same time in the afternoon at the house and the first thing on everyone’s mind was ‘HAPPY HOUR’. (A strange term when you think about it)

Thankfully(?) I live a few blocks from a bar and we walk down and stagger home now and then, so we all wandered down the road and took up a table next to the guest lobster. (they take guesses as to his weight and whomever gets closest takes the lobster home, dead or alive. Tonight he was 5.1 lbs) It didn’t take too long for us all to be a little loose and we started toasting.

“Here’s to not being allowed to make money for the company!”

“Here’s to the economy!”

“Here’s to MOM and her plot for world domination!” (my personal favorite of the night)

It was an interesting experience and one of the more relaxed times we’ve had as a family lately. I really enjoyed myself.

When Happy Hour was over, the bar cleared right out and we took our time in the clear, crisp night air to waddle home. Tipsy family time… you gotta love it!!

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Monday Monday..

I’m up early after being up late, trying to catch up on a few odds and ends before a work meeting today. I’ve been summoned to the great castle in the city to get chewed out for sure. That’s what happens when you are successful when you weren’t supposed to be.

Or maybe I’m just stressing, but don’t you hate it when they demand a meeting and won’t tell you why? It did cross my mind that perhaps the executioner was also being summoned to the castle and my head is gonna roll, so that’s swirling around in my mind as well. Not much I can do about it if that is the case, though I’d be very upset. Seems like everywhere you go in this kingdom there are lopped off heads all around you.

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A Year Later

Originally written November 7, 2008 11:17 am

A year later (just about) and there are a few things that have changed. It’s still a busy time of the year at work, and the family is good.
My body is responding well to fitness, and then again it’s not, because what began as a small injury has become bothersome and must be dealt with. It’s also stopped my progress and that’s upsetting.

My eldest child is still trying to get her life together. I’m sorry it’s been such a long and difficult journey for her, but I hope she’s finally on the right path. I miss the grandchildren!

I’ve recently experienced some hurtful thngs these past few months. What I had hoped would be a good situation wasn’t, and now a long term friend does not speak to me. It really stinks, and while I’m really happy he’s gotten the things in life that I was telling him he needed and encouraging him to look for, I didn’t expect to be excommunicated and judged the way I was. I have to imagine it was nothing more than fear and insecurities that created the entire situation, and that’s a shame. Still, I’m amazed that my friend let it all come between our friendship, after vowing that nothing ever would, and now I have to wonder why.

I should be sleeping, but for some reason, I’m still awake. I was tired earlier, but then my mind got to churning and here I am, awake. Maybe I’ll join the masses of people who are raving about the book , “Twilight” and go read some more of it. I don’t really see the huge draw for this book so far, but unless it’s EXTREMELY painful to get through, I’ll finish it. It just might take me awhile.

Speaking of awhile, I’ll try to get back in here and blog a bit more. I like the new interface much more than before, and I’ve lost my taste for my Multiply page in some ways. We’ll see.

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The World’s Most Perfect Food

Uncooked chocolate chip cookie dough.

What is it that makes this such a delicacy? Is it the texture? The creaminess with the hard, slightly bitter chocolate bits? Is it the thrill of knowing you are eating raw eggs and living on the edge, just by doing so?

Whatever the elusive draw is, I succumbed to it today. I bought a bucket of cookie dough to make cookies for a party I’m invited to. I know.. I know… why not bake my own from scratch, right? Well, I have in the past, but I’m a bit scrunched for time, so I thought I would use this as a way of helping myself out. And helping myself is what I’ve done. I’ve helped myself to a few spoonfuls of gooey, decadent, raw cookie dough and it was heavenly!

I guess that was my sugar for the day.. so sadly, no TGIF for me tonight. But that’s ok.. it was worth it!