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The World’s Most Perfect Food

Uncooked chocolate chip cookie dough.

What is it that makes this such a delicacy? Is it the texture? The creaminess with the hard, slightly bitter chocolate bits? Is it the thrill of knowing you are eating raw eggs and living on the edge, just by doing so?

Whatever the elusive draw is, I succumbed to it today. I bought a bucket of cookie dough to make cookies for a party I’m invited to. I know.. I know… why not bake my own from scratch, right? Well, I have in the past, but I’m a bit scrunched for time, so I thought I would use this as a way of helping myself out. And helping myself is what I’ve done. I’ve helped myself to a few spoonfuls of gooey, decadent, raw cookie dough and it was heavenly!

I guess that was my sugar for the day.. so sadly, no TGIF for me tonight. But that’s ok.. it was worth it!