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Yellow and Black

Two more days, two more dreams about yellow and black. How odd.

A friend suggested it may have something to do with my third chakra. I’ll have to check that out.

I woke up DIZZY this morning. Now that you are done laughing because we all know how dizzy I can be, what I mean was that I had the bed spins without the fun of having the drinking the night before. Not really sure what was going on, so I just went back to bed. Maybe it was just sinus issues? Who knows.. and who really cares? I’m up for my second attempt at morning and getting what I need to done.

I have to go to the bank, Target, grocery shopping and the nuthouse. Yes, you heard me right, the nuthouse, which is one of my favorite places to go. I have a local producer of nuts in my area (and it’s not my house) and I love to go in there and pick up their seconds and cheap nibbles. Last time I was in there, they had all kinds of things you could use to bake goodies with, and since I’m hosting a party for a bunch of teenaged girls tomorrow, I think I better get busy on the baking of said goodies.

I know, a boring blog, but they can’t all be spectacular, now can they? Lol

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I had spent so much time writing a dream I had in here yesterday and then when I went to post it, I hit the wrong button and BLAM!! there it went, out of existence. As if I had never written the darn thing. HOW FRUSTRATING!!

I don’t know if I’m willing to write the whole thing AGAIN, maybe I’ll give you highlights, which isn’t that easy since I dream in vivid detail at times.

1. Helicopter Crane, Statue of Blind Justice on top of a skyscraper, blue.
2. Dark man that’s in MANY of my dreams. I never see who he is, I’m just safe and protected when he is. He’s always “showing” me things.
3. Small house, paneling on one wall, mirror on the other, hallway to kitchen with doors on either side.
4. Young man who morphs into a yellow slit-eyed creature with pointy teeth.
5. Yellow gray gaseous state with reddish orange at the bottom, parting to have a leathery creature with webbing at every joint, squealing and squirming, held by Dark man’s arm and then dropped into the void, then the swirling yellow gray area closes.
6. Dark haired woman who I see, then see from her perspective and white yellow energy flowing from her.
7. Something that looked like a bullet with a coiled spring over a CO2 cartridge.
8.Another leathery creature that I see being dispatched by white-yellow energy.

There you go, the cliff notes to Sharon’s wacky dream. The next night I had another dream that seemed similar, but I was awakened repeatedly by my cat, so I can’t be sure if it was or I just thought it was.

On another front. I got to see the Dr.Who 2008 Christmas Special. Yes! It was another good episode. I’m so hoping that I might get to see them filming while I’m in England this summer, but what are the odds? We’ll see!

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Busy Saturday

Saturday was social central for us. We started off by going to a local pub and having an early supper with a friend I hadn’t seen in close to 28 years. She and I had been buddies in elementary school. It was great to visit with her, her husband and her son. Hopefully, that won’t be a one time thing!

Then we went to the End Zone Bar and Grill with our son for his birthday. He had a group of friends meet him at the bar and we all just hung out.
I was treated to something called an Afterburner. Whew.. appropriately named. It had gold flakes in the bottom of it. I don’t EVEN want to know how much that thing cost!!

Sean knew the owners so he was well taken care of. I’ll post a few pictures.

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Cough Cough Cough

Last night I had to build a fire in the pellet stove we have in the basement. It was 28 degrees outside and the heat pump was trying it’s best, but it wasn’t winning.

Hubby was supposed to have started the fire, as he’s done all winter long, but it had been a long night for him and I guess he just forgot, so I decided I’d go take care of it. It’s been a few years since I’ve had to do it. What could be so hard?

I opened up the front of the stove and gawked at all the ash in there. Yikes! I guess it hadn’t been cleaned after the last time it went out.

Looking around, I saw the small shop vac we had gotten just for cleaning out the stove. I plugged it up, grabbed the hose and turned it on. A GINORMOUS cloud of ash came spewing out of the back of the vac behind me, which of course I didn’t see as I was trying to suck up more ash from the stove, until it swirled above me and began to cloud my vision. Can we say EW?! I could barely see, much less breathe as I turned off the offensive vac, and straightened to see the mess I had created.

The light brown cloud of ash was hanging in the air, showing no signs of settling anytime soon but promising to settle and STICK to everything once it did. Sigh, I knew what I’d have to do tomorrow. Grrrrr.

My son came down the steps on his way to bed and said, “It’s awfully smokey down here!”

I explained my shop vac situation to him and he said, “Oh, that’s been like that for awhile. You can’t use that one, you have to use the other one.”

Ok, if we have a NON FUNCTIONING shop vac, pray tell why is it sitting next to the stove as if it’s the one that’s used?? Why isn’t it in the DUMP by now… or fixed? That’s what my dusty, sooty, ashy, coughing self would like to know!!

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LIfe Lately

I’m not sure what to write today. It’s a gray day out and I feel I need to do something to get me up and running.

I’m fighting the coffee monster. I LOVE coffee, but it doesn’t like me. It makes me swell, gives me headaches within 12-24 hours if I don’t drink another cup and I get really cranky when I’m coming off of it. But the smell, the feel of it in my mouth, the warmth and taste is just too much of a siren song for me, especially on gray days. Those days, with their slightly damp chill in the air are the perfect days for a fresh pot of brew in the kitchen, some good music and time to reflect on how things are going.

What I would prefer would be that gray days meant I was a powerhouse worker, flying through the piles on my desk and whipping out spreadsheets, emails and reports, so that the sunny days would be free to wander in the woods or take care of things outside of the house. But for some reason, gray days just don’t seem as productive. I want to revert to when the kids were in the living room, playing games or watching tv and I would be baking something. We used to bake a LOT. Kids would come in and “help” for a bit and then disappear licking their fingers, only to return when they wanted to “help” again. It was ok with me. The measuring, the mixing, the smells from the coffee pot mixed with fresh cookies being baked blended with the chatter of small voices and random giggles were the stuff of my life. I miss them.

Now the Dr. says baked goodies are ok, as long as I give them away. The living room is quiet and the most I have to compare to the sound of kids in the house is the occasional spat the cat and dog get into. Sometimes I revel in the quiet. Sometimes I’m a bit lonely. All the time it gives my brain a chance to think. You know, there is something to be said for the old adage, “Sometimes you think too much.”

This weekend is my son’s 22 birthday. Hard to believe, but every year I say that. He planned his own party this year and invited us. It was kind of strange, but really, for this child, it was the best way to go. No one else ever seems to be able to provide for him the kind of party he wants, so it’s best to just attend. I’ll make dinner for him on Sunday and we’ll have a cake or something then. And his sister will be coming home to spend the weekend with him, so that’ll be good to see her. I miss her, she still likes to cuddle.

All in all life isn’t bad now, it’s just so different. And it’s changed even more than I ever expected. I’m still very happy with my job, and my family is always first, but my friend base has changed somewhat and while I still feel a bit bereft by this change, I’m going out with a few friends tonight for a girls night out and I’m really looking forward to it. And I talked to an old friend the other day, and he made me laugh so hard that I felt bad that I hadn’t talked to him as much in these past years. I guess it was all the time and effort required by others that limited my time in developing and maintaining other relationships that made things difficult, but now that that isn’t a problem anymore, and while I can’t say I don’t miss them terribly, I’m not feeling guilty all the time or like I’m being torn in many little pieces by how I wasn’t able to be everything to everyone. Now I can focus on being me and catching up with dear old friends and developing relationships with new ones.

Such is the ever-changing path we wander in out lives, eh?

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Um, I dreamed my mom and dad were in bed with me.

Before you go nuts here, let me clue you in a few things.

1. I dreamed my parents were SLEEPING, or trying to, in my bed. They were crowding me. Dad next to me, Mom by my feet. I remember hearing them talking to one another and could feel their weight in my bed.

2. Both of my parents are dead.

The night before, I woke up because I felt a thump on my bed. The cat likes to sleep with me.

Wait! That’s a lie. The cat DEMANDS that she sleep with me. She even comes to get me for bed around 10:30 every night … but I digress.

I woke up because I thought the cat had either jumped down or up on the bed and felt the bed move, but when I opened my eyes (which was right away) the cat was curled up in her sleeping position and simultaneously gave a pitiful “mew” – code for “why are you bothering me”? So if she didn’t move, how did my bed move?

I lay in my bed dozing for the next half hour, worrying about the monsters that might be in my room or under my bed, but nothing else happened, so I probably just had one of those physical jolts that you have when you are sleeping and thought it was a thump on my bed. Still, isn’t it funny how you revert to childhood thoughts and fears when things go bump in the night?

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Yesterday, I went to breakfast with Hubby at a buffet
restaurant. We were enjoying our late morning breakfast, chatting about the
latest developments in the political realm when the table attendant, a middle
aged man, began to clear the table behind us. He was working quickly, as he had
all morning, because being Valentine’s Day, it was fairly busy in the

A young woman was slowly walking up between the aisle and as the man stood and
was turning with his burden of dirty dishes, he bumped this girl, but not hard,
and he immediately apologized. She stood there, looking him up and down with
raised eyebrows and a “you are nothing but lowly scum, how dare you”
look on her face and then grimaced and began to shake her head in disbelief before
she continued on her way to the drink counter. The man, head down with
shoulders hunched over his dishes was obviously turning red under his dark

A little later in the morning, my daughter called me to wish me a Happy
Valentine’s day. Then she launched into telling me about a fellow female
student who had witnessed her and another student cleaning the training room
for the past two hours, never offering to help or deviating from her
conversation. That didn’t bother my daughter, since she knew the work needed to
be done. After the cleaning was done, and the training room prepped for the
next day, this fellow female student came up to the group my daughter was
talking to, looked directly at her and then turned to talk to the males who
were standing there. She made a few comments about how *some* people shouldn’t
be standing around talking, while there was work to do, glancing in my
daughters direction. Knowing that this girl had watched my daughter working for
the last two hours, my daughter piped up, even though she knew she was being
actively ignored, and mentioned that she had completed her tasks for the day
and was just getting ready to leave for work. The girl turned and looked my
daughter up and down and sneered, “Work… huh… did you hear that?
*Some* of us have to go to work and will be shirking our duties here.”

Last week, my son was at his workplace. He’d noticed that one girl had become
the office “pick upon”.  Having never really hung out with her
before, he noticed she was at her limit and looked like she was getting ready
to cry. He invited her out for a smoke and a chat, telling her to breathe and
to ignore the stupidity and ugliness of the other office girls. She was
starting to calm down and on her way back into the office, she tripped on the steps
and fell down about 10 of them. The same girls who had been picking on her
began to point and laugh, not one of them getting up to help her. She ended up
breaking her nose and fracturing her wrist and needing stitches. My son said it
sickened him to see the girls behave like that and he made sure he told them
how inappropriate their behavior was.

I hate this kind of ugliness. I can’t express it to you enough how this kind of
behavior turns my stomach and how it is the quickest way for me to lose all respect
for the person displaying it or others who vicariously support it. Do people NOT
realize how their derision affects others? Do people just not understand that
the ugliness they spew into the world has the same ripple-effect that
forgiveness and a smile can have? So what if the man bumped the woman, she
could have smiled to let him know it was ok. So what if my daughter has to work
to go to college, it’s not like she hadn’t put in her time cleaning the
training room. Why target someone to make their life miserable, attacking and
ridiculing them until they cry? What does this ultimately achieve? Is it that
the person on the attack needs to behave this way to cover some kind of
insecurities *they* have? Is it a sick perversion that they actually FEEL BETTER
by dragging down someone else? Do they have to soothe their ego by in some way
attempting to elevate themselves above others to feel as though they have a
purpose? Does their blazing self righteousness make them feel more important or
triumphant? Triumphant in what way, and is it truly a triumph if you level
another person?  And the people who follow this kind of person, like the
guys who laughed when the fellow student who felt the need to make my daughter
feel less because she had to work, or the office workers who all joined
together to make their coworker feel bad and then laughed at her misfortune,
what does it say about those people?  Are these people proud of the fact
that they are in a group that is denigrating and demeaning another person? Are
they agreeing with the most aggressively ugly person because they are afraid of
not being accepted, or that they may become the next target, or are they just
as ugly as the ringleader?

I’m not so naive to believe the world will be filled with kind and civil people
who take the time to think before they speak about how their words could affect
another. That a smile and a polite word or maybe even a drop of understanding
for another person’s situation might go much farther than a cutting word. That
sometimes it’s ok not to recognize a slight with ugliness that will just perpetrate
more ugliness and instead learn to let it go. That others will not follow in
the footsteps of tyrants and will try to let the people they love know that
they don’t have to be vicious and condemning to be loved.  No, I’m not
that naive, but I can certainly hope that eventually it will be, and that I can
certainly do my part to try to spread such behavior.

So, to the girl in the restaurant that was ugly to the table attendant, thank
you. You’ve given me a vivid reminder of how not to behave.  To my son who
extended kindness to a stranger and support when she was down, I LOVE YOU and
I’m proud to know you and call you my son. And to my daughter who is working so
hard to get her education, don’t let the pettiness of others make you feel like
you are less. (Remember, usually they do this out of insecurity) You are an
awesome young woman who has an excellent grip on the important things in life.
You are loved, to the MOON and BACK!!

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Guns… Guns on the Range

The other day, my eldest son stopped by the house and brought me flowers.
No special reason, just because. It was such a sweet thing to do and it
touched me deeply.

Yesterday, that same son told me we were going to the range to try out his brand new .45
He said he wanted to see what I could do with it. What a dichotomy.

I’ve only been to the range one other time, with a friend, when he first got
his handgun… I wish I could remember what it was…(I just seem to
remember it was big) and we fired it a few times about 13 years ago.
Since then the only other shooting I’ve done was with my son at the
rifle range.

I shot  my first set of rounds at 25 feet. (I think he loaded 5-7) I don’t think I did so bad. I mean, if I had to, I could hit the broad side of a barn! Mind you, the target isn’t that big. It’s one of four on a page. I’m sure I’d be chastised if I didn’t show you my son’s results, although it bears mentioning that he shot more rounds than I did at this target. I didn’t seem to do so well on the upper target as I did on the lower.

In my original blog, there was a photo here that showed you my shots. I’m trying to find it now, so please bear with me. Grrr.

His gun was pretty nice. It didn’t have quite the kick I thought it would. I could hold the thing and shoot it single action without breaking my wrist or making the mistake of having it recoil into my face! I did have a lovely warm cartridge ding me in the forehead, but that really wasn’t a problem at all.

I did better when I shot it with double action. Since the trigger pull was harder, you’d think I did worse, but I think it gave me some time to settle my sights and fix my aim.

Although I was nervous to begin with, after a while I loosened up a bit. I think
one of the things I liked the most was the sound repercussion that I could feel with each shot. Something about that kind of power of sound to make the air move is just an awesome feeling.

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Get To Work!

There are times, not too many mind you, when I think it would be nice to have a boss breathing down my neck to get stuff done. Sometimes I tend to dawdle… but I do so love to read all my friends blogs. I think I should see if there is a future as a professional blog reader!

I had a fun weekend, but like most weekends, mine seemed to have flown by so quickly that by Sunday I was complaining that my weekend was gone already! (pout)

Hubby, Jenny and I went out to celebrate her birthday. A bit late, but who cares, it was Jennypalooza!  Now, I wish I could tell you some incredibly creative story about chimpanzees, traveling to an exotic locale and dancing on the bar, but none of us were that adventurous. Instead, I’ll tell the truth! We went to a bar, we drank and chatted, we went bowling (where I lost miserably!!) and then we went to the late night bastion of all things greasy, Denny’s. Even though it’s not quite as exotic as it could be, it was a lot of fun. Jenny and I don’t get to hang out as much as I’d like, but I always have a good time when we do. I’ll have to see if I can convince her to come out on a Friday more often.

Saturday was gorgeous here, so Hubby and I took Pip, our dog, out for a drag. I say this because to walk her around the block wears her out so of course we took her on a 5 mile walk through the woods. The dog hasn’t recovered yet and she’s currently snoozing in a puddle of sunshine in my office as I write this… snoring loudly!!

Sunday we washed the cars and ran some errands, the best being that we went to the library. I have to be very thankful for the fact that I live where I do and that I have one of the best library systems in the country. You gotta LOVE a library that carries the most recent series of Doctor Who!! I put the next disc in the series on hold and it should be there today. TAKE THAT, NETFLIX!!! Seriously, I’m canceling Netflix. I poked around in the DVD department of the library and found that I can save my money. Just about anything I would have wanted to rent, I can get for FREE, and I’m all about FREE these days. Isn’t everyone?

Today, I have a TON of work that I ignored last week (and apparently have ignored all morning!!) that I need to get to…. but maybe one more blog and a walk, eh? Lol