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Guns… Guns on the Range

The other day, my eldest son stopped by the house and brought me flowers.
No special reason, just because. It was such a sweet thing to do and it
touched me deeply.

Yesterday, that same son told me we were going to the range to try out his brand new .45
He said he wanted to see what I could do with it. What a dichotomy.

I’ve only been to the range one other time, with a friend, when he first got
his handgun… I wish I could remember what it was…(I just seem to
remember it was big) and we fired it a few times about 13 years ago.
Since then the only other shooting I’ve done was with my son at the
rifle range.

I shot  my first set of rounds at 25 feet. (I think he loaded 5-7) I don’t think I did so bad. I mean, if I had to, I could hit the broad side of a barn! Mind you, the target isn’t that big. It’s one of four on a page. I’m sure I’d be chastised if I didn’t show you my son’s results, although it bears mentioning that he shot more rounds than I did at this target. I didn’t seem to do so well on the upper target as I did on the lower.

In my original blog, there was a photo here that showed you my shots. I’m trying to find it now, so please bear with me. Grrr.

His gun was pretty nice. It didn’t have quite the kick I thought it would. I could hold the thing and shoot it single action without breaking my wrist or making the mistake of having it recoil into my face! I did have a lovely warm cartridge ding me in the forehead, but that really wasn’t a problem at all.

I did better when I shot it with double action. Since the trigger pull was harder, you’d think I did worse, but I think it gave me some time to settle my sights and fix my aim.

Although I was nervous to begin with, after a while I loosened up a bit. I think
one of the things I liked the most was the sound repercussion that I could feel with each shot. Something about that kind of power of sound to make the air move is just an awesome feeling.


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