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In A Word -March 31 – 90

In a word, I did it. I blogged every day in March. That means I’ve now blogged every day on the shortest month of the year and every day on one of the longest months of the year. Whew! It *can* be done!

We’ll be cleaning up around here and putting a few things in order. I wish it were warmer, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards this weekend.

My dog and cat, being the social creatures that they are, like to eat when we do.  It’s kind of nice to have this communal mealtime, but something my dog Piper does is baffling to me.  Stranger still is that the dog I had before her, Butchie, used to do it as well, although his eating rituals were even more intense than Pipers.

In Butchie’s days – may I just interject here that Butchie was the best dog in the whole wide world- the wall in front of his dish had dark green wallpaper with red berries and swirls of lighter green vines on it. Butch would stand in front of his bowl and stare at the wall, almost as if he were giving thanks or conjuring some flavor other than kibble to savor. I used to say he was praying to the Berry Gods.

After this contemplation, he would take his first mouthful of food and carry it out to the living room where he would promptly deposit it on the carpet. It HAD to be on the carpet. He’d stand with that food in his mouth forever until you would move and let him get to the carpet.

Then he’d go back to his bowl, eat his fill and then return to the carpeted area for that last mouthful, or as I call it, dessert.

Piper doesn’t have Berry Gods to contend with, just bright and cheery yellow walls. She doesn’t contemplate anything, but she does carry her last mouthful of food to dump on the carpet and then enjoy eating it there.

What is up with that?

Bess takes a bite of food and moves backwards from her bowl to eat it over the place mat I have near her dish. Invariably, there are always little bits near her bowl that need to be cleaned up. She refuses to eat these inferior morsels. In fact, if her bowl gets too empty, she runs around meowing and chewing on plastic items to get my attention until either her food or water is topped off to her perfection.

She’s beautiful, so she gets away with making a few messes here and there.

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I Am Invincible, That’s Right 91

I played hookie from work today…. kinda. It’s been wonderful. I gotta remember how refreshed I feel when I just walk away from it all now and then.

Since I had a bunch of chores to do, I went and engaged in some retail therapy. Little did I realize that I’d be buying more than I thought I would be.

My big ass-kicking barn burner of a computer quit on me yesterday. One minute I was enjoying music and working on a spreadsheet and the next, POOF! It was gone. I’m pretty sure it was a power supply, but I’ll know more later. In the meantime, I figured out how to get my work email on an older laptop and got the word program running so I could write my blog at least. Now the biggest choice is whether or not we go to have some sushi before we repair the big machine. I hooked up my phone to Pandora and bought an audio cable so I could run it to my stereo and have music. It’s glorious. It’s good to be a bit of a geeky girl.

It’s later, and it’s still good to be a geeky girl, but it wasn’t just my power supply. Grrr…

Seems there was a power spike through my phone/cable box that toasted my motherboard, CPU and power supply. I could smell something electric (boogie woogie woogie) when it went up, but I thought for sure it was just the power supply.  Seems like we’d only just put the thing back together again due to an operating system meltdown and now some hardware went kaput. S’ok.. just means it’s a trip to my local MikeRowe Center. (Yeah, I know it’s MicroCenter, but mmm mmm… Mike Rowe is much nicer to look at.)

When I was checking out from Tar-jay during my retail therapy, there was a little boy of about 3 in a cart. When the cashier rang up his father’s purchases, the dad gave the little boy his plastic and taught him how to swipe the card to make the payment. Somehow this didn’t seem to sit well with me, but maybe I’m being a bit silly about it.

I also used some gift cards I had at Borders. I know I always say it, but Borders gift cards are one of my most favorite gifts, although I might have to start asking for MikeRowe Center gift cards if my power full self keeps causing technology to have issues. I picked up a French Italian German Phrase book for my travels, (There have been hints that Paris could be in my future!) and I got a really good book to help me plot our course around Germany. It has some photos of the places I’ve wanted to go. The catch in my chest at the thought of being able to go and look at the Alps just tickles me pink and I get more and more excited as I watch the numbers decrease in my titles. # 4 and I spent a bit of time giggling on the couch this evening as we learned a few new naughty phrases. Who knew that Rick Steve’s travel phrases would include how to ask for a prostitute or let someone down gently by telling them you “have many diseases”?

Speaking of decreasing numbers, I didn’t measure up for Project 121, so I don’t really have a report for you on that front.

Tomorrow morning it’s back to work, but tonight I’m going to climb into bed and read my new travel books and dream of clinking steins with Hubby in a biergarten while gazing at the Alps.

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Under Paper Mountain 93

That’s my whole story right now. I’m living under a paper mountain.

Currently, I’m going through flight lists and passports to make sure 163 names match and they all have necessary paperwork turned in. Most of the day I dealt with budgets and putting together concert rosters.

Bess has been my constant companion, showing up on one level of the paper mountain or another.

attacking the envelope clasp

I think she won’t feel happy until there is some kind of fluffy long kitty fur on every paper I have to deal with. The Bess seal of approval, as it were.


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Reality Bites 94

I’m gonna come clean.

I have a guilty little secret. Every year I say I’m not going to do it again and then the opportunity arises and I feel the bite and draw and I engage in this once again.

I watch Celebrity Apprentice. I know, I know.. it’s shameful, but I do it. And while I’m coming clean, I may as well admit that I watch America’s Next Top Model. Add to that Dexter and Dr. Who and that rounds out my television diet. Consider this, though. According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 28 hours/week, or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year). In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.

Celebrity Apprentice has successfully convinced me that Joan Rivers is a lying conniving person and that Dionne Warwick is a pushy, mean woman. Maybe it’s the editing that the show employs, but whatever it is, it’s guaranteed that I do not like either of these icons and would not support them nor anything they would appear in. Given that this can be the possible outcome for celebrities after being on a show like this, why-oh-why, I have to ask, would you do that kind of thing?

Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I was happy that Dionne was fired tonight.

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My Hubby’s New Baby – 95

3 weeks ago  a copy of “American Baby” magazine came  in the mail. It was addressed to my Hubby.

2 weeks ago, a company peddling pictorial Newborn birth announcements sent some information in the mail. It was addressed to Hubby.


This week I got something from a Life Insurance company and above the line where it is addressed to Hubby it reads,

RE: New Birth Time Sensitive

Double hmm,  and now add-on a scrunched look of confusion.

Apparently, my hubby is either having or has just had a newborn baby. Funny, he didn’t look pregnant to me. He did eat a little more than usual these past few weeks, but I was sure that was due to our fairly hectic schedules at times. At this point, I’m wondering where he’s hiding the little bundle of joy.

After we got the magazine, I called him at work and asked him if he had something he wanted to tell me; something I might need to know? I told him about the magazine and he burst out laughing. He countered by questioning me if there was something I wanted to tell him, because unless I had news, there was nothing to tell.

After we got the birth announcement letter, I set it on the counter and told him he had some mail. He picked up the envelope and opened it without really examining the outside. When samples of birth announcements came tumbling out with pictures of adorable sleeping babies, he had the best belly laugh.

Today, when we got the insurance letter, he again found the whole thing hilarious. I am not as amused. I know my hubby wouldn’t lie to me and if he has…well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but I’m just saying it might not be very pretty.



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Slumber Snacks? 96

I’ve decided to have a slumber party. Or, more accurately, an enjoy-your-adult-beverages- as-much-as-you’d-like-and-by-the-way-there-are-soft-surfaces-to-pass-out-on party.

I’ve invited 4 ladies over and instructed them to bring some kind of munchie they’d like to share, a vodka based beverage, some music so we can dance like we are 12 again, a karaoke machine, nail polish, their jammies and some movies. If we’re lucky, we’ll all forget our chronological ages and get in touch with our inner teen/young adult. I’m looking forward to silliness with the girls and Hubby even threatened to  find an old “Mystery Date” game for us.

Being the hostess, I wanted to see if I could come up with something a bit out of the ordinary for my guests. I originally thought that I’d whip up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cricket Cookies that I’d seen on Yahoo!, but the thought of wasting all that butter and sugar on crickets that no one would eat was just too much for me. I think I’ve settled, instead, on making some Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I found a pretty interesting recipe over at the pete bakes! blog that doesn’t require maple anything, which most of the other recipes called for, and am excited to try it out. Assuming I can get make the candied bacon first without devouring the entire batch, I’ll combine that with a favorite chocolate chip recipe I have. (the toll house recipe has never thrilled me much)

I also found a recipe for Velveeta Fudge that seems easy. Who knows, (shrug) I guess it’ll depend on my mood on that day.