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Achey Feet 97

T’was a long day. I’ve got meetings tomorrow and rehearsals this weekend.

I’m annoyed that I haven’t been to the gym this week and that I’ve only walked one day. Blech.. that’s not good. Especially since there are only 14 weeks left til Italy and Germany. I really want to try out the new routine #4 put together for me. Maybe I can fit it in tomorrow night. Gosh knows I should just get up early and go, but my life seems geared to the evening realm.

The other night I had a dream about my parents house. Anyone who’s read my blogs knows that bad dreams always happen at my parents house. My parents have passed on and the house we owned has been solved, but my creepiest dreams usually have some aspect of my old home in them.

As background, the foundation of my childhood home had a piece of runaway machinery bust through the wall and supposedly crushing a worker who died. Of course this was not revealed to my parents when they moved in, but years later, when my hubby was working at a temp service doing waterproofing on homes, he ended up meeting one of the crew that had worked on our house and saw the guy die.

Could be the reason we were ALL spooked at being downstairs by ourselves and why no one wanted to go into that house alone. Who knows.

Anyway, my most recent two whacked dreams were:

I had been in *the house* and went outside to sit with a group of people I knew by a riverside, waiting for an event that was supposed to be occurring on the river. Someone mentioned that there were snakes in the river and I felt one slithering up my leg. I was told not to move. Snakes continued to wind their way up both my bare legs until I had snakes wrapped around both legs up to the thighs and both arms. I felt them starting to slide down the back of my shirt on my neck. I was told to sit still or they might bite me. I was a little freaked out by this and then I felt one clamp onto my elbow and start sucking on me. A man walked up with a larger snake and said the only way to disengage and kill the snake that was biting me was to let the larger one fight it. He put the larger snake on my arm and the battle began. The larger snake did eat the smaller one, but that did nothing for the fact that they were still wrapped around my arms and legs.

The second dream I was sitting  in a car in front of *the house* with Hubby. I have a vision of being in the house as well, with my father wandering. He just kept showing up, like he wanted to talk with me. My mom is rare to show up in any dreams, but Dad usually says something to me. If he did this time, I missed it. (try again, dad!) Anyway, I was outside in the car with hubby and we were talking about something that was upsetting. I was getting so angry I just started swinging at him. The harder I pushed to punch, the wimpier my punches were. They were ineffectual and just plain laughable. That’s what Hubby was doing. Laughing at me over and over, which made me madder and madder.

I know they aren’t as crazy as some of my dreams have been, but since I’m the one who has them, that’s ok with me!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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