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I’m trying to be as gluten free as possible. Seems to be helping in many ways, but wow… wheat is everywhere. I’ve found some good resources so far. I’m also pretty dairy free anymore. I do still dabble in butter… oh butter… the love of my life! But now I use one tablespoon at most with my breakfast and that’s it. :0(

Milk has been on my no-no list for a long time and it’s only once in a while that I miss cheese.

Hubby was told to watch his cholesterol and such. He’s been so good about his Cheerios and no cheese. Most of the meals I’ve been making are vegetable-arian.  (the term my youngest used when trying to describe a vegetarian. I thought it was cute, so it stuck)

Btw, if you want something to stay warm.. don’t put it in my microwave. The previous owners vented it to the outside, but gosh knows how. Now, in the winter, I open the microwave and have to wonder if it’s really the refrigerator.

I found this stuff called Perky Jerky, and Perky Turkey Jerky. It’s pretty good stuff and considering I ate some on my one hour ride home from work at 10 pm and it’s now 2:40 am, I’d say it’s pretty effective. It’s natural jerky paired with guarana. Pretty good if you ask me.

What gives? It used to be that I’d run you over if you were in the way of me and my coffee, and now?… meh… sometimes I want a cup, but generally not so much. The smell is still awesome, unless you catch a whiff of some bad coffee – in which case that aroma and the smell of skunk aren’t far off from one another. I’ve found I’d rather deal with the short taste of a 5 hour energy shot than have a full cup o’joe. How odd.

I think it may be starting to wear off… or maybe that was the cup of tepid soup and the turkey I had for dinner just now? I’m going to take my overly tired self to bed and will wake up in a much better frame of mind in the morning.


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My 315th Post on My 1,000 Hits – Kinda

Never in my life did I believe I’d have 1,000 people poke around on my blog. I’m humbled. And happy!

I love to write. Even though I don’t take myself very seriously as a writer – hence the shaky grammar and occasional poor sentence structure. I do, however, enjoy the stream of writing. Just thoughts wandering around in my head and mental imagery traveling down my arms to my fingers, which in turn create a very satisfying tapping noise on my keyboard. When I’m really going with a thought, the cadence of the keys is very soothing while being equally exciting. :0)

I’m sure that sounds really wacky to some and probably very familiar to others.

The incredible loss I feel when a post disappears due to whatever technical error has occurred can be stifling and I can never reproduce that first perfect version of my post. It’s almost painful to have to start over again.

One day I’ll move all 700+ blogs I’ve ever written to one platform. Hopefully, it’ll be WordPress. As silly as it sounds, I’d love to use one of those sites that imports your blog into a book. I think it would be awesome to pull it out now and then and see what was running through my mind at any given time. Equally awesome would be copying all my journals into the same platform, even if they aren’t ever publicly posted. Just to be able to see my “entire catalog of works” would be something I’d like to do.

Hell, I’m going to live to be 113 years old, I think I can carve out some time for this project.



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Not So Antique – 220

I went to an antique store and saw this and thought, no way is that an antique. My little sister had one of these and my oldest daughter played with one as well. Maybe even the same one. Then I looked around and saw the doll house my older sister and I had and a bit later, the doll house my younger sister and I played with. Then the skeleton Halloween mask and costume, with the jointed jaw of course,  my brother had. Alongside that was the Cleopatra mask and costume that I’d worn. Both were still folded and in their cardboard shirt-box packaging with the little plastic window so you could see the contents.

Then I found the Santa face that used to reside on my Mom’s side door and would always try to blow away, his pitted styrofoam face still smiling merrily at me. In the same booth were a set of colorful Pyrex bowls that were always holding something for dinner during my childhood. (mom’s yellow bowls are in my kitchen right now) Basically, everywhere I looked I saw vestiges of my childhood and I wondered if perhaps someone had picked through the things I’d donated or thrown away after I cleaned my parents house, because it sure looked like most of my life was scattered among antique booths.

But I’m not an antique. I’m not even considered classic yet. How did all my “stuff” become antiques… maybe they are just collectibles now? I think I prefer to think of it that way.

Speaking of collectible, I’m sure everyone loves to collect doll heads, right? In fact, I think the one on the left had a potential buyer checking her out!

And if that wasn’t creepy enough for you…

You’d better prepare for the invasion, because I’m pretty sure these are really aliens and the Aunt Jemima Army is assembling for an attack.

Can someone please pass the butter and the syrup?

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Ok world, it’s time for another peek into my psyche.

I find this picture sexy.

Before you get all riled up and concerned, it’s not the birthday hats or birthday button or even the ‘highlighter’ jacket that turns me on, but the fact that this man chose to wear them that I find oh-so-sexy.

It was requested of him to wear this ridiculous garb for 6 hours of rehearsal fun and frolic, (followed by cake!) so he did. Yes it was his birthday, but he wore it for over 200 children and their parents because it made the kids laugh and giggle and made the parents smile. He wore it so he could share some silliness with friends and family and joy to others. His quick wit and his ability to have fun and laugh at just about anything, including himself, is infectious.

This is what I find so sexy, and I am blessed that I am married to him.

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I’ve been bitten by the holiday bug and the wish to get my shopping done early. Partly because my daughter is coming when I’m usually running around willy-nilly and I’d rather spend time with her than fighting the crowds, and I just like to know I have it all done and relatively within the budget.

Last week I was at the mall early and had to dodge all the mall walkers. Well, more like mall-racers. Those women almost mowed me down! Reminded me of the folly of walking anywhere near the bike lane in Germany. If you’ve been there, you understand.

While I was perusing some clothing, a mother and her young son were doing the same a few racks over. He must have been all of 5, if that, and he was bored and distracted with the shopping cart. He wasn’t being overly active or acting crazy, but he was rolling the cart back and forth and just so happened to roll the cart a bit too far back and bumped into an older woman.

Before any apologies could be uttered, the old woman yelled, “You should teach your child some MANNERS.” and then huffed away with the very audible comment of “fucking foreigners.”

The mother, immediately began to chasten her son for his lack of awareness, however she did so in a calm and focused way that her son instantly listened to. They were of middle-eastern descent, and the statement that got me was, “See what I had to hear because you were not paying attention?”

This whole scenario just disturbed me. I felt sad for the young woman who had obviously been hurt by the comment and disturbed that the older woman would be so ugly in her comments and snap judgements. And the little boy was just being a little boy and MUCH better behaved than many other children I’ve seen tagging along with mom in a boring clothing store.

Maybe it’s just me, but this stuck me. I’m not sure why I feel the need to share this, but there it is. It got me. Now it’s out there and I’m reminded why I prefer being kind to others.