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My 315th Post on My 1,000 Hits – Kinda

Never in my life did I believe I’d have 1,000 people poke around on my blog. I’m humbled. And happy!

I love to write. Even though I don’t take myself very seriously as a writer – hence the shaky grammar and occasional poor sentence structure. I do, however, enjoy the stream of writing. Just thoughts wandering around in my head and mental imagery traveling down my arms to my fingers, which in turn create a very satisfying tapping noise on my keyboard. When I’m really going with a thought, the cadence of the keys is very soothing while being equally exciting. :0)

I’m sure that sounds really wacky to some and probably very familiar to others.

The incredible loss I feel when a post disappears due to whatever technical error has occurred can be stifling and I can never reproduce that first perfect version of my post. It’s almost painful to have to start over again.

One day I’ll move all 700+ blogs I’ve ever written to one platform. Hopefully, it’ll be WordPress. As silly as it sounds, I’d love to use one of those sites that imports your blog into a book. I think it would be awesome to pull it out now and then and see what was running through my mind at any given time. Equally awesome would be copying all my journals into the same platform, even if they aren’t ever publicly posted. Just to be able to see my “entire catalog of works” would be something I’d like to do.

Hell, I’m going to live to be 113 years old, I think I can carve out some time for this project.




I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

One thought on “My 315th Post on My 1,000 Hits – Kinda

  1. “Hell, I’m going to live to be 113 years old, I think I can carve out some time for this project.”



    (Happy Thanksgiving my friend)

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