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Remarkable Obituary

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Mr. Common Sense.

Mr. Sense had been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was,
since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valued lessons as knowing when to
come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm and that life isn't always

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you
earn) and reliable parenting strategies: adults, not kids, are in charge.

His health began to rapidly deteriorate when well intentioned but overbearing
regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual
harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash
after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened
his condition.

Mr. Sense declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent
to administer aspirin to a student, but could not inform the parents when a student
became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense finally gave up the ghost after a woman failed to realize that a
steaming cup of coffee was hot, spilled a bit in her lap, and was awarded a huge
financial settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents: Truth and Trust; his wife:
Discretion; his daughter: Responsibility; and his son: Reason.

He is survived by two stepbrothers: My Rights and Ima Whiner.

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

If you still remember him, pass this on; if not, join the majority and do nothing.


** Sent to me by my friend Wes.. Thanks Wes!
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We survived, but boy am I tired. Suffice to say that all was well and all were well fed. I’ll have to blog later about this, I think. Or maybe not…. I’m going to SC tomorrow and will be gone until next week.

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I’m pulling my hare out!! hehehe

Ok, really I’m a bit stressed. I’m having a rather large shindig for my daughter and son, celebrating their graduation this weekend. I’ve rented the tent and moon bounce, dodged the no table bullet, and have the menu (and the cost) in mind. What I haven’t finished is amazing, and mostly due to two adorable little munchkins that I would much rather be snuggling and loving all day. But I still want my house and my party to be enjoyable by all and the only way *I* know how to do that is to be prepared. Thus, I still have the following things I have to do:

Figure out some music
Figure out how the electricity will get from point A to point B for all of the items needing energy
Procure another cooler
Put together the flooring
Fill the holes that the dog has dug (no busted ankles, please)
Go get the food and ice and beverages
Pick up the Cake on Saturday Morning
Prep the food
Make sure the grill has enough gas
Hang the curtains in my bedroom
Clean both bathrooms- check that there is enough toilet paper, if not add to shopping list
Pick up my desk and file the papers, organize the books
CHOOSE MUSIC or MUSIC SOURCE for party – What’s a party without the right mood grooves???? Mentioned twice so you know what’s important to me!!
Get the dog to the Kennel – she’s getting her shots right now
Clean, Clean, Clean

If I can fit it in I had planned to-
Finish painting the doors and trim
caulk said doors and trim
paint my bathroom

If there are any really bored people out there reading this, and you like any of the jobs listed above… please feel free to let me know which you’d like to do! If not, that’s ok… I have my coffee and I usually need very little sleep… 🙂

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Entry for June 14, 2007

Someone said I should rename this piece I found on the net, Getting to Know Sharon….


These Rabbits are incredibly and almost annoyingly organized. They can be seen as anal, but trust they will never lose anything and will finish most any project they start. They are a bit fussy about their neatness, but are some of the most efficient people you will ever meet.

*/THE WATER RABBIT 1903 AND 1963/*

Delicate and docile, Water Rabbits will pretty well go with the flow to avoid any conflict or argument. These situations hurt them and bother them because they are such sensitive creatures. They are usually sociable and relaxed, although sometimes they get withdrawn and introspective. They are supportive with family and friends as well as business partners and display an empathy that makes people flock to them for friendly advice and comfort. Sometimes, they can easily be taken advantage of because they are so generous with themselves and their emotions. So they have to be careful not to let their guards down so quickly.


The Rabbit lover would never dream of wearing his heart on his sleeve. The Rabbit seems aloof, yet underneath is sensual and loving – a tough facade protects a tender interior. Rabbit folk are romantic yet realistic, generous yet mercenary. Rabbits are strongly Yin and, whether male or female, are in tune with the feminine part of their psyche. Their mothering instinct compels them to nurture others, and they have an innate love of home and family.


Rabbits are easily moved to tears through words, thoughts and actions. They are deeply sensitive people who shun conflict. Rabbits tend to be a little moody and are sometimes influenced by the friends they have. Despite their cool exterior, they have a reputation for being very sexual and intimate beings. Although they may go a little crazy in their youth, they will commit themselves readily to a partner for life.


Many Rabbit people have large families. The Chinese say this is due, in part, to them being the sign of fertility. Despite the record-breaking number of children any Rabbit person may have, the happiness of his partner and family is essential to his own well-being. Although they love their children intensely and take care of them quite affectionately, sometimes Rabbit parents can come off as looking uninterested or distant. Still, Rabbits are so defending of their children that they often appear strict and overbearing.

When their children are little, Rabbit parents will dress them in cute little outfits and will insist they act mild mannered and politely. Rabbits often find themselves wrapped around the tiny fingers of their kids and will do anything for them, too make them happy and to keep the peace. Rabbits despise arguing with their children, as conflict makes them quite uncomfortable, and they will avoid it at all costs. Rabbits will always be there for their children and will help them even as they grow and mature. They find themselves there for their kids throughout their lives.


Young Rabbits are very sensitive children. They tend to let their emotions get the best of them and will cry with no remorse. At school, these children often get teased for being so sensitive and become branded crybabies by other boys and girls. Rabbit children are especially close to their mothers and maintain a wonderfully close relationship with them throughout their lives. They depend on their mothers for advice and support and will reciprocate when necessary. Rabbit children are desperate for stability and routine and require a sort of scheduling to do their best work. Like the adult Rabbit, Rabbit children are likely to be quite interested in the arts, particularly in music, a subject in which most Rabbit children thrive.


Since Rabbits are born under the same Animal Sign, they often share likes and dislikes. Following are similar likes and dislikes of the Rabbit personality.

Color Preference: Pale Green

Gems and Stones:

Crystal, Emerald, Pearl

Suitable Gifts: Tapestry kit, CD, fine wine, easel, lyrics book

Hobbies and Pastimes: Writing poetry, hiking, planting gardens and trees, chatting with friends

Rabbits Dislike: Touchy-feely people, abrupt curves in their routines, disorganization


Rabbits love to indulge in different cultures and spend a lot of their lifetimes trying to find inner peace. Sensitive and careful by nature they would be just as happy shopping for hidden treasures at the local flea market or yard sale to display in their delicately decorated homes. Rabbits tend to want to travel to traditional places such as Europe and Asia when they have time off. In addition, taking a course to release their creative energies such as photography or instrument lessons would make the Rabbit feel well-rounded and accomplished.


Rabbits, although outgoing, are definitely not the leaders of the pack or the spotlight thieves. They like to be associated with a group or a club, where they find comfort in the company of others. Rabbits just happen to be low-profile people. Perhaps this is because they tend to be rather picky about who they pal around with. Rabbits love their friends and offer them all a warm refuge and a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. They enjoy catching up and hanging out more than anything.

Compatible Friends

Best Friends: Sheep and Pigs

Mortal Enemy: Roosters


Rabbits are apt to be sensitive to ailments and to have bad allergies. Stress or conflict will detriment the Rabbit’s health. Exercise could take off unnecessary stress and strengthen the Rabbit’s physical condition, but he tends not to work out regularly. Rabbits have to learn to incorporate more action into their everyday routines.


A Rabbit will become depressed and withdrawn if his home does not consist of beautiful possessions that make him comfortable. They are extremely organized and the best way to throw a Rabbit off is to remove something from its sitting place. They are so orderly and their homes and offices so clutter-free that it is sometimes a point of humor with their friends. Rabbits are modest in their decorating choices and choose different shades of green such as sages and turquoises.



Rabbits have really good communication skills and are best utilized in positions of management. They make great teachers and PR people because they are so diplomatic and well-organized. Even so, they can also make great painters or musicians due to their sense of beauty and their love of creativity.


Rabbit people are usually relatively careful when it comes to their finances. And that lucky rabbit foot didn’t just come out of nowhere…Rabbits are pretty lucky folks! They use much of their money for possessions such as their homes, cars or furniture. They would rather invest their money in gadgets and things than in the stock market. They love hunting for antiques, arts and crafts and will tend to make sound investments in these types of things.


Those born in the Year of the Rabbit share the same kinds of goals and objectives in life. The occupations best suited for the Rabbit are listed below:














PR agents

Fashion designers

Rabbits are private individuals, a bit introverted and withdrawn. People e born into this sign would rather work behind-the-scenes instead of being the center of attention in any situation. Do not misunderstand…the Rabbit is not a recluse. In fact, he is a reasonably friendly individual who enjoys the company of a group of good friends whether at a business dinner or a holiday party. Rabbits just like to be a part of the gang as opposed to the leader of it.


Rabbits, like their animal counterparts, are quite calm people who do not exhibit aggressive behavior and will avoid confrontation at all costs. When angry about something, a Rabbit will approach it calmly and considerately, hardly ever raising his voice or becoming visibly annoyed. Because of their serenity, Rabbits seem to miss things, whether they are confrontational in nature or not. However, the Rabbit is quite keen and pays close attention to the situations developing around him. He is intelligent and quick and can talk himself in or out of most situations with no problem.


Keen, Wise, Fragile, Tranquil, Serene, Considerate, Fashionable, Sneaky, Obsessive

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Happy 18th Birthday, Liberty

Today was Lib’s birthday. We celebrated by having lasagna and salad, crusty bread and cake. Libby went to Six flags with her friend and Sean and I took the girls to Denny’s. Then Uncle Sean took them on a shopping spree. Two bikinis, two pairs of shoes, 4 Barbies, 1 Barbie pool, 1 toy medical kit, 2 doodle pets, 1 Dora craft box and 1 crazy sprinkler later, I was beginning to wonder who the birthday girl really was!! Sean loves his nieces and boy were they happy to have some new toys at Nini’s house.

We will be having the major birthday/graduation bash next week so most gifts for Lib are still in the prep mode. Please cross your fingers and send up a plea for good weather on the 23rd and patience for me and mob of people I sense coming… but hey, it’s a party!! Might as well get all the use from the moon bounce that we can!!

This picture is of Libby when she was a wee bairn. She was always a happy baby.
I love you, Libby.

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Everything to Everyone

So, I’m an idiot. But an idiot that cares.

I realize that I’m probably the stupidest smart person I know. I’ve been trying to do the impossible and be everything to everyone. Most of the times, I think I do a pretty good job. I am a loving and supportive mother, an involved wife, a dedicated employee and with what’s left, I try to be a really good friend. I try to keep in touch and up to date with my friends and do my best to try and invite them to be a part of my life as much as I can while involving myself in their lives when they invite me to do so. So why do I feel so crappy? Could it be because even with all this effort and juggling, I don’t seem to make everyone as happy as they’d like to be, and is that *my* fault, or theirs?

This evening I was working at auditions. We didn’t have an accompanist, which means the boss has to play the piano, listen and evaluate, do the paperwork and judge the vocal abilities all within a 5 minute time frame, while being polite and professional to parents and students. No pressure there. We eventually fell behind, which was inevitable and wasn’t helped by some walk in appointments. (Not so easy to fit two children in one slot!!) That said, all the parents were very patient, but that put all the more pressure on the boss to keep up the grueling pace through 5 hours of auditions with one audition every 5 minutes.

Did I mention she was recently awarded a MUCH DESERVED Excellence in Teaching award??

When we had patted ourselves on the backs for a job well done and gone home to rest, there in our emailboxes, was a letter from a parent who had nothing kind to say about the audition process. A scathing letter to say the least. What a shame, because we had thought we were doing such a great job! Mostly the parent was disturbed by the fairly rapid pace that the boss – who is amazing and can recognize what she’s looking for with only a few notes- had set. Again, what a shame… I’m sure that neither one of us felt very good at that point, me, the boss and the parent.

After seeing that juicy tidbit, I found that my daughter was upset with me because I told her she was allowed to do whatever she wanted for her birthday, but that I would like to spend a bit of time with her since it’s her 18th. Somehow, this was upsetting to her and I was in trouble then.

Next, my dearest friend in all the world, began to tell me how inadequate I am. Oh, those weren’t the words used, but that was the end result. And I wonder, how they can forget all the times they contributed or requested that I not visit for their reasons and then proceed to complain about how often I haven’t been able to, knowing my world and the schedule I’ve been keeping?

That brings me around to the very beginning. I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to be everything to everyone, mostly because I love the people I let into my world, but maybe I should instead learn to be as much as I can to as many as I can and let go of the difference. Maybe it’s not ME that is the issue entirely and maybe I have to just learn to let people feel the way they do without taking the blame or attempting to help/fix everything. Doesn’t really make me feel any better… sigh… tomorrow shall be another day….

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Remember the USS Liberty?

Today is the 40th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty. 34 men lost their lives on that day, including my husbands father, pictured above. Today, we will gather at Arlington Cemetery for a memorial service at the mass grave. (where the remains of multiple men are interred after they were recovered from the area where the torpedo hit the ship.)

I could never do the Uss Liberty’s story justice, but if you are interested in how an Israeli attack on an American ship could happen.. please go visit the website

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And Baby makes…. 4?

This morning at 3:52 am, my eldest daughter gave birth to my 4th grandchild, Sebastian Sage.
She had been in labor since last Friday, but had finally called me yesterday complaining of lower pressure. I asked her if she could suddenly breathe again and she said yes, so I told her that today was the day. We had been placing bets on times and weights. I had chosen 11:23, then 1:23 , saying to my daughter that I was sticking with the numbers 2 and 3. Then my birthweight guess was 8lb 6oz… oh well, got that backward.

My first grandchild was born on the 1st and my second on the 2nd. Number 3 lost her mind and was born on the 19th and I was hoping that number 4 would revert to form and be born on the 4th, but alas, he took his time and got here on the 5th.

When I called my youngest daughter to let her know she was an Auntie again, she asked about the baby’s size, which I told her was 6 lb, 8 oz. She laughed and said, “That’s a fake baby… that’s nothing more than a sack of flour!!” (Granted, she’s never had a baby, but she comes from a family of supersized infants. 8lb 11 oz, 10lb 11oz, 12 lb 8oz, 10 lb 4 oz, are the numbers shes used to hearing) Anywho, I sent her a picture of the little munchkin and she said she was going to call him Dopey, after one of the dwarfs from Disney’s Snow White. His first picture did look kind of like Dopey, but now that he’s awake and looking at the camera, he doesn’t look Dopey to me at all. In fact he looks like his name. He looks like a Sebastian Sage.

I’ll get to see him in a few weeks and I can’t wait to sniff his head!!

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My trip to NYC

I had to ride the train to NYC recently to conduct some business. I had never ridden the train before and had never been to NYC by myself either, but some things must be done and so I did it. I always say, “I can DO anything, I am just not comfortable doing it sometimes.”

I noticed a number of things on my trip and thought I’d just let them come to me as they will…

On my up to NY, I looked at all the housing that clings to the sides of the railroad tracks. It was an interesting observation. There were row houses in Baltimore that were largely boarded up and vacant. I wondered how we could have the housing issues we have with so many empty houses. My mind raced, thinking if anyone could fix these places up, then rent them, that would be better than leaving them to rot. It was strange to see 4 and 5 rows of empty houses and then one house in the entire row with signs of habitation. Around Wilmington, there seemed to be a renovation of sorts. All the buildings by the tracks were undergoing improvements, with revitalization in both living areas and and retail. The houses around Philadelphia were dirty and run down with trash in their yards and the houses near Trenton announced their blue collar owners with pride.

When I got into Penn Station, I was amazed at how much it reminded me of a rabbit warren.. tubes and tunnels all over the place.

Walking up 6th avenue around noon, it was crowded. Ahead of me there was a tall woman. She had to be at least 6 foot, dark hair and willowy. Two Hispanic men were following her and watching her move, talking about her the entire time. They laughed and then one made a hand gesture to emphasize what he was saying, leveling his hand at his height (about 5 foot 3 or so) and comparing it to her. The men jabbed each other and turned the corner.

Still while walking up 6th avenue (I had to walk a mile) I got behind a woman who was wearing a pink top, heels, severely pulled back hair and tight black pinstripe capri’s. She was painfully thin and the stripes did nothing for her that was nice. All they did was accentuate how thin and linear she was. The only curve on her was the one where her thighs didn’t meet and she looked like she had just gotten off a horse that she’d been riding for a long time. Even her legs bowed outward before continuing down. I couldn’t think of a polite way to tell her that she should never wear tight pinstriped capri’s again.

While walking NYC I noticed an interesting phenomenon about pedestrians. Pedestrians cross the street like waves crash on the beaches. At some point, someone decides to stop and wait for a safe time to cross. This is almost like a signal, because others also stop (even if there is no traffic) and begin to gather, like the swell of a wave. More and more people accumulate and you can see them all beginning to lean forward and then, suddenly, the mass of people break and flood into the street, flowing in two directions as once like a confluence, and just as suddenly, the flow of people begins to recede until one of them stops and it starts all over again.

At 7th Ave and W 52nd, just above some of the busiest and most crowded areas in NYC (Times Square) I approached an unusually empty corner and glanced aside at the woman who had just stepped up perpendicular to me. There before me was a lady who’s child belongs to the Children’s Chorus and I had worked closely with for the first time this spring. What was the likelihood that in NYC, I would be meandering up 7th avenue towards Central Park at 4 in the afternoon and bump into this woman. It was really strange!! Both of our jaws dropped and we looked at each other in astonishment.

And now, I’ll infect you all… It’s a small world after all.. It’s a small world after all…