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Happy 18th Birthday, Liberty

Today was Lib’s birthday. We celebrated by having lasagna and salad, crusty bread and cake. Libby went to Six flags with her friend and Sean and I took the girls to Denny’s. Then Uncle Sean took them on a shopping spree. Two bikinis, two pairs of shoes, 4 Barbies, 1 Barbie pool, 1 toy medical kit, 2 doodle pets, 1 Dora craft box and 1 crazy sprinkler later, I was beginning to wonder who the birthday girl really was!! Sean loves his nieces and boy were they happy to have some new toys at Nini’s house.

We will be having the major birthday/graduation bash next week so most gifts for Lib are still in the prep mode. Please cross your fingers and send up a plea for good weather on the 23rd and patience for me and mob of people I sense coming… but hey, it’s a party!! Might as well get all the use from the moon bounce that we can!!

This picture is of Libby when she was a wee bairn. She was always a happy baby.
I love you, Libby.


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