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The Power of a Positive Comment

Within the last few days this simple concept has been showing up in my world.

A few days ago, my bestie got a compliment from a customer saying (essentially) that if he was just a bit younger, he’d be all over that. She’s been reinventing herself for the past year and while everyone tells her how great she looks and compliments her accomplishments, I know this particular comment – and some of the other unsolicited compliments on her abilities  – have been important to her.

As I was making breakfast, #3 was telling me that even though he’s consistently the second best performer in his company, the management doesn’t think “attaboys” are important. He said he doesn’t need constant approval, but an every now and again pat on the back lets him know he’s on track. Managers should remember that positive comments work so much better than reprimands. Besides, if you give the approval you rarely have to give the reprimand.

This morning, I walked into my office and fired up my computer. On my home screen I have a photo of hubby and myself. Hubby looks particularly sultry in this photo and on this particular morning I felt the need to tell him just how steamy I think he is. It wasn’t a pet name compliment, it was a full on descriptive compliment that left him blushing and feeling good. I think too many people fall into the comfort zone of calling their partner by pet names (honey, babe, beautiful) and thinking that’s the same thing as paying them a specific compliment. Nope. I feel strongly that it’s gotta be at least one sentence long and descriptive to be considered a targeted compliment.

I like this trend. :0)