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Two Worlds 61

Today, boils and gargoyles, I’d like to talk about the Royal Wedding. Trust me, it won’t be for too long.

I set my alarm for an unheard of hour this morning to get up and watch the wedding pageantry of Wills and Kate. The fact that I set my alarm for ANYTHING will shock most of you. In my room, the alarm clock is that thing that blinks next to my bed because I’ve never set it and occasionally, I use it for music. In my room, the alarm clock is a fuzzy kitty cat that walks on said blinking thing and presses the buttons with her fluffy feet to see if she can make the box create a sound that will rouse her mommy/child so that she can get attention or be fed. That’s about the extent of an alarm clock for me.

So let me rephrase this… I set my cell phone to wake me up, which it did. I stumbled to the end of the hall, created the perfect cup of coffee and turned on the telly to enjoy all the glamour, fashion, crazy hats, ceremony, etiquette, beautiful music, classic cars, majestic settings, horse-drawn carriages and balcony kisses a person can stand for a while and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bess and I curled happily together,  she in her soft furriness and me in my kitty-print jammies. We both loved that the actual ceremony was the same one Hubby and I had, which made one of us need a hankie. (btw, Bess makes a mess when she’s weepy, but don’t let her know I’ve blabbed about it) Favorite parts were the Lemon yellow dress worn by Her Majesty and the fascinating fascinators. I’m going to have to look up how they get those things to stay on their foreheads like that.

Once we were done with fairytale land, I got up to do a days work, only to realize that my Prince Charming had forgotten to take an item downtown for delivery, which meant I had to go instead. As if on cue, #3 calls and says he wants some Mommy time, but when I told him I had an errand, he offered to come pick me up and take me downtown so we could visit on the way. I’m good with that!

We meet at the assigned place and #3 pulls up in MY horseless carriage for this trip, which happens to be a 50+K BMW. Classy! I climbed into my conveyance, realizing that I was wearing a Lemon yellow t-shirt, a lovely pair of jeans and some flip-flops. Just the proper attire and so much like the Queen herself, don’t you think? (pahahaha)

We zipped downtown to complete the transaction and #3 decided he wanted to have some lunch at a specific restaurant, which meant we had to travel through a part of town I am not familiar with. Looking around he asked if I’d ever been to Brooklyn Park, which I said I hadn’t. As we crossed over the bridge, he informed me that we were currently cruising through the “hood”, where he pointed out the low fashion of what he called “Precious look alikes” and I got to experience cruising in a Beamer through the dull, dirty, run down and dingy condition of the ghetto. After being told not to point and being given a dissertation on what being from “up the hill” or “down the hill” meant, it struck me like a slap upside the head that I was now in the opposite extreme to what I’d been experiencing through the magic of tv this morning. Um… Whoa. It may have been one of those “gotta be there” moments, but it was profound to me.

Just before I sat down to write this, I was redirected by a friends’ blog to go to  so I could take a test to see how long I’d last on the surface of the sun. (1.2 seconds) and I found this instead, which fits perfectly with my title today for two worlds.

Why working at home is both awesome and horrible

Hat tip to Hyperbole and a Half for the artwork on this one.
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Blowin’ in the Wind 62

Not the answer, silly person, but the trees, debris, cattle and any other manner of things.

We’ve been under one tornado watch after another and I can’t stop humming the Wicked Witch’s theme from  the Wizard of Oz. Dum de dum de dum dum!

It’s not nearly green enough outside for anything, so I’m not really worried, although I am keeping an eye on things. The most I’m seeing is tons of “helicopters” spinning around. (helicopters are oak tree seeds that spin to the ground)
Photos of Mountain Pines RV Resort, Champion
This photo of Mountain Pines RV Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor
I guess I was 15 or so when my family took a trip to the Laurel Highlands (home of Rolling Rock beer)  and a campground named Cutty’s. (now known as Mountain Pines) We owned a 28 foot motor home and would pick up and go whenever the mood struck my father to do so. This campground had a huge pool, a roller skating rink and a very active arcade. I remember hanging out at on particular pin ball machine, watching some fairly handsome guy working the flippers while Foghat’s “Slow Ride” played on the jukebox. Complete with my Vidal Sassoon jeans (oo la la, Sassoon!) my feathered “do” and the required big handled comb stuck in my back pocket, I spent most of the afternoon flirting with the guys in the arcade, which, I found out later, annoyed the hell out of my sister.

Near the end of that hot and humid day, the sky became overcast and the clouds were whipping around in strange formations. Everyone began to scurry back to their campsites as the air grew thicker and thicker and started to turn green. Thunder was growling close by and the trees started whipping around in different directions. I hurried back to our camper and got inside just as the first fat drops of water began to pelt the ground.

My mom, ever fearful of storms, sat near my father and held onto her little dog. (ok, I hear the Witches theme again – “And your little dog, too.” funny thing is, we had a Cairn terrier – that looked just like Toto) and rocked. My father had his cup of instant Sanka and a Lucky Strike cigarette between his fingers. Elbows on his knees, he was alert and you could tell he was just a bit worried. After all, his entire family was inside a 28 foot missile, parked in a tornado snacking area. Since everyone knows that trailer parks are tornado food, campgrounds are the snack bar.

The camper swayed back and forth in the wind and the sound of the rain and thunder were deafening. I knew some of the gusts were pretty strong, since my dad’s eyebrows would shoot skyward and he’d casually look around and mom would grimace and make a hissing sound as she sucked air in between her teeth. The sheets of rain were so thick, you could barely see out the windows and the green tinge to the air was what I really remember the  most.

Luckily, the storm vented its fury and we were spared, only to learn later that a tornado was, indeed, just over the mountain from us. Thanks to geology, the snack bar was closed for that afternoon.

After the rain stopped, everyone began to emerge from their shelters to look at any damage. Tents were not in the best shape and grills and other paraphernalia had to be recovered from neighboring sites. We kids, however, not really recognizing the close call we’d just had, wanted to be outside and play in the cooler air. I decided to go check the arcade to see if my pinball buddies were still there, (oh yes, I am certainly single-minded when I want to be) but they weren’t and so the swings looked like the next best thing. My sister joined me and we began to notice how different the sky had become. Everything was bathed in the most beautiful golden orange haze, which was accentuated by the setting sun just starting to peep out from under the clearing clouds. It was like looking at everything through a Creamsicle colored lens. Swinging back and forth, singing “Slow Ride”, feeling the difference in the air and looking at the strange orange sky is a moment that sticks with me every time I think of tornadoes.

When we left the campground the next day, it became clear how close of a call we’d had. Snapped trees and debris were everywhere. But that was just something I saw in passing because I was still singing “Slow Ride” and thinking of orange skies.

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Feels Strange 66

Today is Easter and it’s the first time I haven’t made a basket or dinner or even planned anything for a holiday. It never really did more than briefly cross my mind since my kids usually all have alternative plans when I ask them to get together.

Then, one by one, they all casually asked if we were doing anything for Easter. When I said no to the first one, I figured it was a fluke and that none of the others would say anything, but sure enough, they both did. When I said no to the last one, I felt guilty. Had I just crossed off a tradition? Were they asking because they wanted to get together, or out of conditioning? I certainly don’t want them to come here because they feel like they “have to”, but if they were looking for family time and getting together for an event with Ma and Pa, then I’m annoyed that I’ve missed the opportunity.

None of us NEED the candy, but I miss dying the eggs and playing egg hunt. This is when Grandchildren are nice to have near… sigh.

Speaking of which, I’ve tried to work out a way to have two of my grandchildren visit in May, but it’s not going so well. Top that off with the costs of gas and flights and I’m not sure when the next time I’ll see any of my grandbabies will be. I did send them all cards.

On the plus side, Hubby and #4 are out in the garden pulling weeds and mulching. We found some nice potted plants on clearance so we picked up 10 of them for the front garden. I think they’ll spread out nicely and make the front beds look nice. I really like the way the house looks once we get the flower beds cleaned up, and it’s become an annual Mother’s day gift for me – which I love – since this time of the year is always so busy!

We did go look at a house on Friday. It was a geodesic dome home. I liked the concept, but their lay out wasn’t the best for me and some of the exterior trim and finishing was lacking. It was sitting on 6.75 acres, which was nice, but the property had such a steep hill on it, you could only really use the bit the house sat on.  Even if I didn’t like this dome it did make me look at what I would do differently if it comes to me building my own.

I wonder if I threw together some burgers and such if they’d want to come for dinner at the last-minute… or should I just let it go….

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Cheap Thrill Thursday 69

Yesterday afternoon was just not the best day. I was cranky and restless. I’m sure it was obvious by my blog, especially since I didn’t realize that marked my 200th blog.  (How ironic that Smashmouth is singing “Let a good thing go to waste” on my computer right now..) Darn!  And to top it all off, I snagged my baby toe on a piece of furniture and really hurt the heck out of it.

This morning I woke up my usual cheery self. I rolled over to see Bess curled up next to my pillow and in front of her was an expired stink bug. I screeched, but Bess yawned and looked at me with a “So what?” gaze before settling back to sleep.  I, on the other hand, immediately checked my ears to make sure I had no aliens living there.

When I stood up, my toe reminded me that it was ouchy and I looked down to see a beautiful purple blooming all around the base. The first thing that popped into my mind was “Baby Toe, I need you! For posture and balance.” but I was singing those lyrics to the tune of Candy-O by the Cars. Ok, strange, I know, but that’s how I roll.

I thought it would be funny to share this on Twitter with my family and friends who would not be surprised that I’d match odd lyrics to any song I can, and I got a reply from someone I’ve never seen before asking if I’d broken my toe. Since I don’t use Twitter that much, I didn’t think much of this, so I answered that my toe was a lovely shade of purple! About an hour later, I get another tweet from this same person asking if it hurts to touch and can I bend it. My first thought was, “I wonder if this guy is a podiatrist.”  (do you SEE how frickin’ trusting *I* am??) So, what did I do? I sent him another tweet that said it was sore and swollen and hey… here’s a picture of the injured digit.

Only AFTER I pressed send did I wonder if I’d just made some perverts day, so I looked at this guys twitter feed only to see that he is, indeed, quite the foot fetish, asking women all over the world about their bruised or broken toes and asking for photos.

LMAO!! I *am* so blonde.

For any of you who don’t know Candy-O, here you go….

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WW and Feeling Good- NOT 70

Sometimes I really don’ t like advertisers. They go and ruin a perfectly good song by using it in their ad campaigns or people sample bits of a really good song and associate it with something you just can’t deal with.

Most recently? Weight Watchers has murdered the song, “Feeling Good” for me.

Ok, Jennifer Hudson sounds great and hurrah for her success in getting healthy… but now when I hear this song, the first thoughts that come to mind are all about weight loss, food, guilt if I’ve eaten a cookie, going to the gym and everything else involved in the beat-you-over-the-head-about-your-body world. Grrr…

Have you ever heard the song, “I Can’t Get Behind That?” That’s how I’m feeling today. I like everything but the last freaking line, which makes me think of Weight Watchers and then that song “Feeling Good” again.

I think I’m going to bury my head in some techno. I rarely hear that used for anything anymore. Thank goodness.

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Addicted – 71

Hubby is home!!

I told him I am addicted to him. Probably not the most intelligent thing to admit, but I’m honest. While he’s gone on travel, I’m happy enough to be busy with other things and I find that I enjoy the alone time more than I thought I would. I also had some fantastic girl time, which for me is a newer experience, but one I’m liking.

When the kids were in the nest, Hubby and I would go for a date, or a weekend away and depending on the ages of our chickadees, there would be a definite expiration date on my away tolerance. I’d start to wring my hands and get jumpy and just like an addict, I’d begin hunting for a pay phone. (Yes, world, I am that old. Deal.)

Hubby would recognize the signs of the tapping foot, the craning neck to see if a phone booth was available and the insane digging in the bottom of my purse to find some change. Rather than risk a total Mommy meltdown, he’d casually find me a phone under the guise that he wanted a drink or had to make a pit stop. As if I’d been able to hide my need, I’d look at him with what I thought was nonchalance and mention that maybe I just go check in on the kids while I had the chance. What he saw was a wild-eyed mad woman, one thin dime away from a panic attack if she didn’t hear her babies, but he always acted as if he never saw the danger and indulged my addiction.

Now that the kids are a bit older, I don’t worry about them… as much… and I’m I little more in control when Hubby is away. He just got back from Sweden and I’m happy to report I actually got about 8 hours of sleep the entire weekend, consumed 5 cups of coffee (after cutting back to none for long stretches of time to avoid the constant need for it) checked my FB account a million times for updates or pictures, (I’m proud to say I’m down from the earlier bazillion I used to  check it when he was away) and did the same for both my email accounts.

I can hear your cheers at my improvement… but no need for applause, please just send money instead, hmmmkay?

I did have a minor Mommy meltdown setback however. On their last night in Sweden, Hubby and #3 were at a bar and it was closing for the evening. Hubby thought that it would be a good idea to go back to the room and clean up since they were scheduled to leave for the airport by 7AM. #3 thought this was a terrible idea, so Hubby and #3 parted ways. Hubby called me up when he got to the hotel (2 miles away) and let me know what their status was, to which my reply was…

“WHAT?!?!  MY BABY? You left my BABY in a foreign country with no cell phone and imbibing adult beverages?”

Hubby’s opinion was that #3 was 24 years old and a “grown man” and knew how to call a cab. My opinion was it was MY BABY, alone in a foreign country, imbibing and with a temper.  Ahem.. have you not heard of the “BUDDY SYSTEM”??

I’m sure Hubby was envisioning that wild-eyed manic mommy-meltdown look so being the awesome Hubby he is and the loving Daddy he is, he went in search of the missing #3. After walking another 2 miles in hopes of bumping into #3 since most adult establishments were closed or closing down, he gave up and decided to check the hotel room.

I, however, was on high alert just waiting for some information on #3. At 5:15 am their time, he sauntered in and all was well. Crisis averted. Mommy meltdown avoided.

I know some of you might think I’m a bit ridiculous, and maybe I am, but I’m addicted to my family.

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Hen Party 73

Whew! Well that was FUN-TASTIC!

Now, we are all attempting to recover from our revelry.

The basement was set up and cleaned, a table ready, the freezer available, a fire going in the beast, games, food, music and beverages and guess what we did all night? Sat around the kitchen counter, ate, drank and talked.

What’s the saying? “No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best”. Yeah, that one. No complaints though. Just an easygoing evening with friends.  Since N couldn’t make it, we decided to make a shrine to her and felt we needed to involve her in our merry-making….

That N got around, let me tell you! B had so much fun she left her clothes and some music here. Jenny left a pan, indicating that she’d love to make some more monkey bread in the future. L left COOKIES and I had to leave everyone to go off to a lunch date with a good friend and two Elementary teachers who taught in my elementary school. Much hard thought went into remembering way back  for all involved and the teachers were interested in what I’ve done with my life. I answered and we chatted and they came to the consensus that I’ve had a very charmed, interesting and fun life.

As I walked home, I considered that. I reviewed what I’d told them and considered how I’d feel if I’d heard these things and not lived them. Then I said a huge thank you to the powers that be for giving me these experiences.

All of which has left me in a pleasant little fuzzy sleepy lull of a Sunday, part of which I spent sitting in some sunshine and just relaxing while listening to some music.

Thank you, J, B, L and N, my dear friends, I love you all and am so happy to have you in my life.