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Fried day 82

Stream of consciousness writing today. Strap yourselves in, it could be a bumpy ride.

$280.00 is a crazy amount of money for basic groceries. Lots of fruit and veggies – in fact most of my shopping time is done in the outer perimeter of the grocery store – and still it’s just that much for 3 of us. True, I hadn’t been in two weeks, so really it’s about $140.00 a week, guess I shouldn’t really bit*h.

It’s a mookey day. Even the dog curled up into a little ball. I was supposed to go to a drumming ceremony for Japan, but I was debating if it’s a sinus issue or a cold. I decided to err on the side of caution and fuzzy blankets. I’m gonna soak in a hot shower, get some tea and sit in front of a fire while watching some mindless entertainment that #4 chooses.

This is always a busy time of year with the grindstone. Concerts, external performances, cd recording, looking into going to the opera while in Italy and in another week it’ll be time yet again to play…….you got it…….Human Tetris. I know this sounds like it’s complaining, but it’s not. I’m busy with work but on the whole, I’m very pleased with the work I do. A few weeks ago, I had to help the accompanist with a group of singers while she was teaching another group on some instruments. I stepped in front of the kids, smiled, held my hands out and got whoops, cheers and applause. You can’t buy that kind of love at work. How often do your co-workers get excited and clap and cheer for you, just because you stepped in front of them?

Monday we had a rehearsal for a performance…. in Baltimore… on opening day. Uh huh… took me three hours to get home.

I’ve decided to rummage through my cd collection and use my new 2TB drive along with my 1TB external drive to house some of my music. Then I’ll get rid of the cd, especially if it’s one I really don’t listen to. This will help my with my efforts to pare down my belongings. I’d really rather not have to move tons of junk when I go. Besides, why keep if you don’t use it. To that end, I think a local daycare Mom will be inheriting tons of crafting supplies.

My party is next weekend, which means Hubby will be away in Sweden. I’ve tried to come up with my contribution to the refreshments. #3 and I started hunting beverages online while we had lunch together today and so far, I’m leaning towards a Dr. Peter Venkman, but I’m not settled yet.

Exciting, eh? Well, it’s that kind of fried day. 


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