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Test Labs – 80

I went shopping today for my upcoming slumber party.

1. Blinds so no one can see us dancing in our jammies. Check!

2. A 6 foot long table with a new table cloth for all the goodies and beverages. Check!

3. Some wire for speakers to enhance the audio of the TV for music, games or movies. Check!

4. A measuring shot glass for the mixing of new concoctions. Check!

5. A bucket for ice. Check!

6. A candle for aroma and atmosphere. Check!

7. Triple sec, Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur, Blue Curaçao, Sierra Mist and Sweet and Sour mix for my contribution to the craziness of 5 women who all need to cut loose and have a great time. Check!

When I came home, I tried all three of the possibilities I had in mind and I have to say, they are all pretty amazing!!

I’m really looking forward to my friends and lots of laughter. Now I have to find a Twister game…. lol


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