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Addicted – 71

Hubby is home!!

I told him I am addicted to him. Probably not the most intelligent thing to admit, but I’m honest. While he’s gone on travel, I’m happy enough to be busy with other things and I find that I enjoy the alone time more than I thought I would. I also had some fantastic girl time, which for me is a newer experience, but one I’m liking.

When the kids were in the nest, Hubby and I would go for a date, or a weekend away and depending on the ages of our chickadees, there would be a definite expiration date on my away tolerance. I’d start to wring my hands and get jumpy and just like an addict, I’d begin hunting for a pay phone. (Yes, world, I am that old. Deal.)

Hubby would recognize the signs of the tapping foot, the craning neck to see if a phone booth was available and the insane digging in the bottom of my purse to find some change. Rather than risk a total Mommy meltdown, he’d casually find me a phone under the guise that he wanted a drink or had to make a pit stop. As if I’d been able to hide my need, I’d look at him with what I thought was nonchalance and mention that maybe I just go check in on the kids while I had the chance. What he saw was a wild-eyed mad woman, one thin dime away from a panic attack if she didn’t hear her babies, but he always acted as if he never saw the danger and indulged my addiction.

Now that the kids are a bit older, I don’t worry about them… as much… and I’m I little more in control when Hubby is away. He just got back from Sweden and I’m happy to report I actually got about 8 hours of sleep the entire weekend, consumed 5 cups of coffee (after cutting back to none for long stretches of time to avoid the constant need for it) checked my FB account a million times for updates or pictures, (I’m proud to say I’m down from the earlier bazillion I used to  check it when he was away) and did the same for both my email accounts.

I can hear your cheers at my improvement… but no need for applause, please just send money instead, hmmmkay?

I did have a minor Mommy meltdown setback however. On their last night in Sweden, Hubby and #3 were at a bar and it was closing for the evening. Hubby thought that it would be a good idea to go back to the room and clean up since they were scheduled to leave for the airport by 7AM. #3 thought this was a terrible idea, so Hubby and #3 parted ways. Hubby called me up when he got to the hotel (2 miles away) and let me know what their status was, to which my reply was…

“WHAT?!?!  MY BABY? You left my BABY in a foreign country with no cell phone and imbibing adult beverages?”

Hubby’s opinion was that #3 was 24 years old and a “grown man” and knew how to call a cab. My opinion was it was MY BABY, alone in a foreign country, imbibing and with a temper.  Ahem.. have you not heard of the “BUDDY SYSTEM”??

I’m sure Hubby was envisioning that wild-eyed manic mommy-meltdown look so being the awesome Hubby he is and the loving Daddy he is, he went in search of the missing #3. After walking another 2 miles in hopes of bumping into #3 since most adult establishments were closed or closing down, he gave up and decided to check the hotel room.

I, however, was on high alert just waiting for some information on #3. At 5:15 am their time, he sauntered in and all was well. Crisis averted. Mommy meltdown avoided.

I know some of you might think I’m a bit ridiculous, and maybe I am, but I’m addicted to my family.


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