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Feels Strange 66

Today is Easter and it’s the first time I haven’t made a basket or dinner or even planned anything for a holiday. It never really did more than briefly cross my mind since my kids usually all have alternative plans when I ask them to get together.

Then, one by one, they all casually asked if we were doing anything for Easter. When I said no to the first one, I figured it was a fluke and that none of the others would say anything, but sure enough, they both did. When I said no to the last one, I felt guilty. Had I just crossed off a tradition? Were they asking because they wanted to get together, or out of conditioning? I certainly don’t want them to come here because they feel like they “have to”, but if they were looking for family time and getting together for an event with Ma and Pa, then I’m annoyed that I’ve missed the opportunity.

None of us NEED the candy, but I miss dying the eggs and playing egg hunt. This is when Grandchildren are nice to have near… sigh.

Speaking of which, I’ve tried to work out a way to have two of my grandchildren visit in May, but it’s not going so well. Top that off with the costs of gas and flights and I’m not sure when the next time I’ll see any of my grandbabies will be. I did send them all cards.

On the plus side, Hubby and #4 are out in the garden pulling weeds and mulching. We found some nice potted plants on clearance so we picked up 10 of them for the front garden. I think they’ll spread out nicely and make the front beds look nice. I really like the way the house looks once we get the flower beds cleaned up, and it’s become an annual Mother’s day gift for me – which I love – since this time of the year is always so busy!

We did go look at a house on Friday. It was a geodesic dome home. I liked the concept, but their lay out wasn’t the best for me and some of the exterior trim and finishing was lacking. It was sitting on 6.75 acres, which was nice, but the property had such a steep hill on it, you could only really use the bit the house sat on.  Even if I didn’t like this dome it did make me look at what I would do differently if it comes to me building my own.

I wonder if I threw together some burgers and such if they’d want to come for dinner at the last-minute… or should I just let it go….


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