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Two Worlds 61

Today, boils and gargoyles, I’d like to talk about the Royal Wedding. Trust me, it won’t be for too long.

I set my alarm for an unheard of hour this morning to get up and watch the wedding pageantry of Wills and Kate. The fact that I set my alarm for ANYTHING will shock most of you. In my room, the alarm clock is that thing that blinks next to my bed because I’ve never set it and occasionally, I use it for music. In my room, the alarm clock is a fuzzy kitty cat that walks on said blinking thing and presses the buttons with her fluffy feet to see if she can make the box create a sound that will rouse her mommy/child so that she can get attention or be fed. That’s about the extent of an alarm clock for me.

So let me rephrase this… I set my cell phone to wake me up, which it did. I stumbled to the end of the hall, created the perfect cup of coffee and turned on the telly to enjoy all the glamour, fashion, crazy hats, ceremony, etiquette, beautiful music, classic cars, majestic settings, horse-drawn carriages and balcony kisses a person can stand for a while and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bess and I curled happily together,  she in her soft furriness and me in my kitty-print jammies. We both loved that the actual ceremony was the same one Hubby and I had, which made one of us need a hankie. (btw, Bess makes a mess when she’s weepy, but don’t let her know I’ve blabbed about it) Favorite parts were the Lemon yellow dress worn by Her Majesty and the fascinating fascinators. I’m going to have to look up how they get those things to stay on their foreheads like that.

Once we were done with fairytale land, I got up to do a days work, only to realize that my Prince Charming had forgotten to take an item downtown for delivery, which meant I had to go instead. As if on cue, #3 calls and says he wants some Mommy time, but when I told him I had an errand, he offered to come pick me up and take me downtown so we could visit on the way. I’m good with that!

We meet at the assigned place and #3 pulls up in MY horseless carriage for this trip, which happens to be a 50+K BMW. Classy! I climbed into my conveyance, realizing that I was wearing a Lemon yellow t-shirt, a lovely pair of jeans and some flip-flops. Just the proper attire and so much like the Queen herself, don’t you think? (pahahaha)

We zipped downtown to complete the transaction and #3 decided he wanted to have some lunch at a specific restaurant, which meant we had to travel through a part of town I am not familiar with. Looking around he asked if I’d ever been to Brooklyn Park, which I said I hadn’t. As we crossed over the bridge, he informed me that we were currently cruising through the “hood”, where he pointed out the low fashion of what he called “Precious look alikes” and I got to experience cruising in a Beamer through the dull, dirty, run down and dingy condition of the ghetto. After being told not to point and being given a dissertation on what being from “up the hill” or “down the hill” meant, it struck me like a slap upside the head that I was now in the opposite extreme to what I’d been experiencing through the magic of tv this morning. Um… Whoa. It may have been one of those “gotta be there” moments, but it was profound to me.

Just before I sat down to write this, I was redirected by a friends’ blog to go to  so I could take a test to see how long I’d last on the surface of the sun. (1.2 seconds) and I found this instead, which fits perfectly with my title today for two worlds.

Why working at home is both awesome and horrible

Hat tip to Hyperbole and a Half for the artwork on this one.


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