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You Went Where? 58

I went to a Faerie Festival in Pennsylvania.  I had fun and it was… different. Don’t take that to mean bad; it was exactly what I said it was. It was different.

This was the 20th year of the Spoutwood Farm May Day Faerie Festival in Shrewsbury, Pa. The farm is a working farm that is community sponsored. You can join the farm, work some and reap the rewards of the harvest. Nice way to get some fresh veggies if you ask me.

Hubby and I went with friends to enjoy the sunshine, sights, belly dancers, music, food and crafts. Since I still can’t fit my busted toe into real shoes, I was in flip-flops, which isn’t the best footwear for the terrain, but with the helping arm of Hubby, I was fine.

One of the things I wanted to see was the music group Telesma.  I knew of them from a friend who was trying to work with them on a touring project that, unfortunately didn’t pan out, but I always thought they must be interesting if he was working with them. I was right. They are interesting. We stuck around specifically because I’d wanted to hear this band. Just before they began, I found a nice sunny patch of grass and sat down with Hubby. My companions decided to stand on the hill. After two songs, I felt that the group was different enough that some were not going to like it and I didn’t want to subject my friends to anything more experimental than I had, so I got up to say we could leave.

Duh. They were jammin’.  Who knew?

It was time to go anyway, because there is always work to be done and part of the reason I’d gone so far north was to get some help with Italy paperwork and finish up ticketing (aka Human Tetris) for the upcoming concerts. Happy to report that all the work was completed and we still had a great time. As always, thanks to N and R for their hospitality.

We didn’t get photos of every “different” thing we saw, but I figured I’d give you some highlights so you could call me a hippie later.

Curly wood is interesting. They had some neat furniture. Cool to look at, but never really useful, in my opinion.

Does anyone remember Wishniks? I’m going to bet that duct tape might take some skin with it.

Who wears it better? Hubby on the left, or R on the right? I’m not sure, but I think R might be rockin’ this fashion statement.

Llamas and Alpacas – CUTE!

Under the guise of being helpful, R tries to sneak a peek. (In all honesty, she was trying to put the ladder up, upside down!)

Telesma and their fans.


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