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Sick of Waiting 57

About three weeks ago I busted my baby toe. The swelling is gone and the bruising has cleared up, but I still can’t get a freaking shoe on my foot. The pressure against the toe is just too much.

Sometimes I’m too stubborn. I get one idea of how something should be done and then stagnate when something gets in the way. Working on that problem.

Today I couldn’t stand not going for a walk. I’ve been home and using some hand weights since I can’t be in the gym without a shoe on, but moving more than that hasn’t really happened. Well, duh!! I have a basement with tons of dance dvds and some flip-flops, so today I walked a mile in my flip-flops. Someone mentioned that maybe I should get those Vibram 5 Finger shoes, which look incredibly odd to me, but I’d try since I prefer to be barefoot above all else.

I’m not sure why this thought hadn’t occurred to me before this, but now that it has, I feel positive that I’ll be able to meet my goals in quick order.  And maybe I’ll remember that if it’s important enough to you, you can always find a way to do what you want.

Silly me.


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