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I’m pulling my hare out!! hehehe

Ok, really I’m a bit stressed. I’m having a rather large shindig for my daughter and son, celebrating their graduation this weekend. I’ve rented the tent and moon bounce, dodged the no table bullet, and have the menu (and the cost) in mind. What I haven’t finished is amazing, and mostly due to two adorable little munchkins that I would much rather be snuggling and loving all day. But I still want my house and my party to be enjoyable by all and the only way *I* know how to do that is to be prepared. Thus, I still have the following things I have to do:

Figure out some music
Figure out how the electricity will get from point A to point B for all of the items needing energy
Procure another cooler
Put together the flooring
Fill the holes that the dog has dug (no busted ankles, please)
Go get the food and ice and beverages
Pick up the Cake on Saturday Morning
Prep the food
Make sure the grill has enough gas
Hang the curtains in my bedroom
Clean both bathrooms- check that there is enough toilet paper, if not add to shopping list
Pick up my desk and file the papers, organize the books
CHOOSE MUSIC or MUSIC SOURCE for party – What’s a party without the right mood grooves???? Mentioned twice so you know what’s important to me!!
Get the dog to the Kennel – she’s getting her shots right now
Clean, Clean, Clean

If I can fit it in I had planned to-
Finish painting the doors and trim
caulk said doors and trim
paint my bathroom

If there are any really bored people out there reading this, and you like any of the jobs listed above… please feel free to let me know which you’d like to do! If not, that’s ok… I have my coffee and I usually need very little sleep… 🙂


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