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And Baby makes…. 4?

This morning at 3:52 am, my eldest daughter gave birth to my 4th grandchild, Sebastian Sage.
She had been in labor since last Friday, but had finally called me yesterday complaining of lower pressure. I asked her if she could suddenly breathe again and she said yes, so I told her that today was the day. We had been placing bets on times and weights. I had chosen 11:23, then 1:23 , saying to my daughter that I was sticking with the numbers 2 and 3. Then my birthweight guess was 8lb 6oz… oh well, got that backward.

My first grandchild was born on the 1st and my second on the 2nd. Number 3 lost her mind and was born on the 19th and I was hoping that number 4 would revert to form and be born on the 4th, but alas, he took his time and got here on the 5th.

When I called my youngest daughter to let her know she was an Auntie again, she asked about the baby’s size, which I told her was 6 lb, 8 oz. She laughed and said, “That’s a fake baby… that’s nothing more than a sack of flour!!” (Granted, she’s never had a baby, but she comes from a family of supersized infants. 8lb 11 oz, 10lb 11oz, 12 lb 8oz, 10 lb 4 oz, are the numbers shes used to hearing) Anywho, I sent her a picture of the little munchkin and she said she was going to call him Dopey, after one of the dwarfs from Disney’s Snow White. His first picture did look kind of like Dopey, but now that he’s awake and looking at the camera, he doesn’t look Dopey to me at all. In fact he looks like his name. He looks like a Sebastian Sage.

I’ll get to see him in a few weeks and I can’t wait to sniff his head!!


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