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In A Word -March 31 – 90

In a word, I did it. I blogged every day in March. That means I’ve now blogged every day on the shortest month of the year and every day on one of the longest months of the year. Whew! It *can* be done!

We’ll be cleaning up around here and putting a few things in order. I wish it were warmer, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards this weekend.

My dog and cat, being the social creatures that they are, like to eat when we do.  It’s kind of nice to have this communal mealtime, but something my dog Piper does is baffling to me.  Stranger still is that the dog I had before her, Butchie, used to do it as well, although his eating rituals were even more intense than Pipers.

In Butchie’s days – may I just interject here that Butchie was the best dog in the whole wide world- the wall in front of his dish had dark green wallpaper with red berries and swirls of lighter green vines on it. Butch would stand in front of his bowl and stare at the wall, almost as if he were giving thanks or conjuring some flavor other than kibble to savor. I used to say he was praying to the Berry Gods.

After this contemplation, he would take his first mouthful of food and carry it out to the living room where he would promptly deposit it on the carpet. It HAD to be on the carpet. He’d stand with that food in his mouth forever until you would move and let him get to the carpet.

Then he’d go back to his bowl, eat his fill and then return to the carpeted area for that last mouthful, or as I call it, dessert.

Piper doesn’t have Berry Gods to contend with, just bright and cheery yellow walls. She doesn’t contemplate anything, but she does carry her last mouthful of food to dump on the carpet and then enjoy eating it there.

What is up with that?

Bess takes a bite of food and moves backwards from her bowl to eat it over the place mat I have near her dish. Invariably, there are always little bits near her bowl that need to be cleaned up. She refuses to eat these inferior morsels. In fact, if her bowl gets too empty, she runs around meowing and chewing on plastic items to get my attention until either her food or water is topped off to her perfection.

She’s beautiful, so she gets away with making a few messes here and there.


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