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I Am Invincible, That’s Right 91

I played hookie from work today…. kinda. It’s been wonderful. I gotta remember how refreshed I feel when I just walk away from it all now and then.

Since I had a bunch of chores to do, I went and engaged in some retail therapy. Little did I realize that I’d be buying more than I thought I would be.

My big ass-kicking barn burner of a computer quit on me yesterday. One minute I was enjoying music and working on a spreadsheet and the next, POOF! It was gone. I’m pretty sure it was a power supply, but I’ll know more later. In the meantime, I figured out how to get my work email on an older laptop and got the word program running so I could write my blog at least. Now the biggest choice is whether or not we go to have some sushi before we repair the big machine. I hooked up my phone to Pandora and bought an audio cable so I could run it to my stereo and have music. It’s glorious. It’s good to be a bit of a geeky girl.

It’s later, and it’s still good to be a geeky girl, but it wasn’t just my power supply. Grrr…

Seems there was a power spike through my phone/cable box that toasted my motherboard, CPU and power supply. I could smell something electric (boogie woogie woogie) when it went up, but I thought for sure it was just the power supply.  Seems like we’d only just put the thing back together again due to an operating system meltdown and now some hardware went kaput. S’ok.. just means it’s a trip to my local MikeRowe Center. (Yeah, I know it’s MicroCenter, but mmm mmm… Mike Rowe is much nicer to look at.)

When I was checking out from Tar-jay during my retail therapy, there was a little boy of about 3 in a cart. When the cashier rang up his father’s purchases, the dad gave the little boy his plastic and taught him how to swipe the card to make the payment. Somehow this didn’t seem to sit well with me, but maybe I’m being a bit silly about it.

I also used some gift cards I had at Borders. I know I always say it, but Borders gift cards are one of my most favorite gifts, although I might have to start asking for MikeRowe Center gift cards if my power full self keeps causing technology to have issues. I picked up a French Italian German Phrase book for my travels, (There have been hints that Paris could be in my future!) and I got a really good book to help me plot our course around Germany. It has some photos of the places I’ve wanted to go. The catch in my chest at the thought of being able to go and look at the Alps just tickles me pink and I get more and more excited as I watch the numbers decrease in my titles. # 4 and I spent a bit of time giggling on the couch this evening as we learned a few new naughty phrases. Who knew that Rick Steve’s travel phrases would include how to ask for a prostitute or let someone down gently by telling them you “have many diseases”?

Speaking of decreasing numbers, I didn’t measure up for Project 121, so I don’t really have a report for you on that front.

Tomorrow morning it’s back to work, but tonight I’m going to climb into bed and read my new travel books and dream of clinking steins with Hubby in a biergarten while gazing at the Alps.


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