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My Hubby’s New Baby – 95

3 weeks ago  a copy of “American Baby” magazine came  in the mail. It was addressed to my Hubby.

2 weeks ago, a company peddling pictorial Newborn birth announcements sent some information in the mail. It was addressed to Hubby.


This week I got something from a Life Insurance company and above the line where it is addressed to Hubby it reads,

RE: New Birth Time Sensitive

Double hmm,  and now add-on a scrunched look of confusion.

Apparently, my hubby is either having or has just had a newborn baby. Funny, he didn’t look pregnant to me. He did eat a little more than usual these past few weeks, but I was sure that was due to our fairly hectic schedules at times. At this point, I’m wondering where he’s hiding the little bundle of joy.

After we got the magazine, I called him at work and asked him if he had something he wanted to tell me; something I might need to know? I told him about the magazine and he burst out laughing. He countered by questioning me if there was something I wanted to tell him, because unless I had news, there was nothing to tell.

After we got the birth announcement letter, I set it on the counter and told him he had some mail. He picked up the envelope and opened it without really examining the outside. When samples of birth announcements came tumbling out with pictures of adorable sleeping babies, he had the best belly laugh.

Today, when we got the insurance letter, he again found the whole thing hilarious. I am not as amused. I know my hubby wouldn’t lie to me and if he has…well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but I’m just saying it might not be very pretty.




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