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Get To Work!

There are times, not too many mind you, when I think it would be nice to have a boss breathing down my neck to get stuff done. Sometimes I tend to dawdle… but I do so love to read all my friends blogs. I think I should see if there is a future as a professional blog reader!

I had a fun weekend, but like most weekends, mine seemed to have flown by so quickly that by Sunday I was complaining that my weekend was gone already! (pout)

Hubby, Jenny and I went out to celebrate her birthday. A bit late, but who cares, it was Jennypalooza!  Now, I wish I could tell you some incredibly creative story about chimpanzees, traveling to an exotic locale and dancing on the bar, but none of us were that adventurous. Instead, I’ll tell the truth! We went to a bar, we drank and chatted, we went bowling (where I lost miserably!!) and then we went to the late night bastion of all things greasy, Denny’s. Even though it’s not quite as exotic as it could be, it was a lot of fun. Jenny and I don’t get to hang out as much as I’d like, but I always have a good time when we do. I’ll have to see if I can convince her to come out on a Friday more often.

Saturday was gorgeous here, so Hubby and I took Pip, our dog, out for a drag. I say this because to walk her around the block wears her out so of course we took her on a 5 mile walk through the woods. The dog hasn’t recovered yet and she’s currently snoozing in a puddle of sunshine in my office as I write this… snoring loudly!!

Sunday we washed the cars and ran some errands, the best being that we went to the library. I have to be very thankful for the fact that I live where I do and that I have one of the best library systems in the country. You gotta LOVE a library that carries the most recent series of Doctor Who!! I put the next disc in the series on hold and it should be there today. TAKE THAT, NETFLIX!!! Seriously, I’m canceling Netflix. I poked around in the DVD department of the library and found that I can save my money. Just about anything I would have wanted to rent, I can get for FREE, and I’m all about FREE these days. Isn’t everyone?

Today, I have a TON of work that I ignored last week (and apparently have ignored all morning!!) that I need to get to…. but maybe one more blog and a walk, eh? Lol


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