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I had spent so much time writing a dream I had in here yesterday and then when I went to post it, I hit the wrong button and BLAM!! there it went, out of existence. As if I had never written the darn thing. HOW FRUSTRATING!!

I don’t know if I’m willing to write the whole thing AGAIN, maybe I’ll give you highlights, which isn’t that easy since I dream in vivid detail at times.

1. Helicopter Crane, Statue of Blind Justice on top of a skyscraper, blue.
2. Dark man that’s in MANY of my dreams. I never see who he is, I’m just safe and protected when he is. He’s always “showing” me things.
3. Small house, paneling on one wall, mirror on the other, hallway to kitchen with doors on either side.
4. Young man who morphs into a yellow slit-eyed creature with pointy teeth.
5. Yellow gray gaseous state with reddish orange at the bottom, parting to have a leathery creature with webbing at every joint, squealing and squirming, held by Dark man’s arm and then dropped into the void, then the swirling yellow gray area closes.
6. Dark haired woman who I see, then see from her perspective and white yellow energy flowing from her.
7. Something that looked like a bullet with a coiled spring over a CO2 cartridge.
8.Another leathery creature that I see being dispatched by white-yellow energy.

There you go, the cliff notes to Sharon’s wacky dream. The next night I had another dream that seemed similar, but I was awakened repeatedly by my cat, so I can’t be sure if it was or I just thought it was.

On another front. I got to see the Dr.Who 2008 Christmas Special. Yes! It was another good episode. I’m so hoping that I might get to see them filming while I’m in England this summer, but what are the odds? We’ll see!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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