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Cough Cough Cough

Last night I had to build a fire in the pellet stove we have in the basement. It was 28 degrees outside and the heat pump was trying it’s best, but it wasn’t winning.

Hubby was supposed to have started the fire, as he’s done all winter long, but it had been a long night for him and I guess he just forgot, so I decided I’d go take care of it. It’s been a few years since I’ve had to do it. What could be so hard?

I opened up the front of the stove and gawked at all the ash in there. Yikes! I guess it hadn’t been cleaned after the last time it went out.

Looking around, I saw the small shop vac we had gotten just for cleaning out the stove. I plugged it up, grabbed the hose and turned it on. A GINORMOUS cloud of ash came spewing out of the back of the vac behind me, which of course I didn’t see as I was trying to suck up more ash from the stove, until it swirled above me and began to cloud my vision. Can we say EW?! I could barely see, much less breathe as I turned off the offensive vac, and straightened to see the mess I had created.

The light brown cloud of ash was hanging in the air, showing no signs of settling anytime soon but promising to settle and STICK to everything once it did. Sigh, I knew what I’d have to do tomorrow. Grrrrr.

My son came down the steps on his way to bed and said, “It’s awfully smokey down here!”

I explained my shop vac situation to him and he said, “Oh, that’s been like that for awhile. You can’t use that one, you have to use the other one.”

Ok, if we have a NON FUNCTIONING shop vac, pray tell why is it sitting next to the stove as if it’s the one that’s used?? Why isn’t it in the DUMP by now… or fixed? That’s what my dusty, sooty, ashy, coughing self would like to know!!


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