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Everybody’s Working on the Weekends

Oh! Wait! Isn’t that supposed to be “Everybody’s working for the weekend” ?

I do a lot of my work via email and damnit, apparently I’m too friggin’ efficient. I got two emails today, Sunday remember, from people demanding answers immediately to their questions. Um, hello? It’s SUNDAY!!! Can’t I have a day off?? Cripes!

And none of this is earth-shattering, time-sensitive information. It can all wait until Monday morning. Can’t you people see I’m far too busy reading and posting on BLOGS to answer your silly little questions? Don’t you understand you might interrupt my napping schedule after my hard day yesterday of betting at the racetrack?

I mean, get a life! Maybe you want your information NOW, but did you ever consider that you might impact the reheating of leftovers for dinner?? Or the ultimately important task of actually reading a magazine I get BEFORE it goes to paper recycling. Don’t you want me to be INFORMED of the LATEST FASHION TRENDS?? Just because I work from home, doesn’t mean the cat and the dog don’t appreciate the most recent in haute couture!