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Trilogy of Terror

Years ago, when I was but a young thing, I was petrified by an ABC made for TV movie by Dan Curtis called, “Trilogy of Terror”, starring Karen Black.

As I recall, the lead character was given a little tikki doll as a gift, but the sweet little guy wasn’t exactly inanimate, had some sharp teeth and liked to play with knives.  He skittered around this woman’s home, attacking her from under furniture and kitchen tables. Eventually, she caught the little bastard and threw him in the oven. (something I’ve always dreamed of doing to the Pillsbury dough boy, btw) As I recall, while he bakes his “essence” or spirit is released from the little doll he’s been in and eventually makes it’s way into the female character, thus converting her to a bloodthirsty killer with jagged teeth.

Nice story, eh?

Well, today, a friend of mine presented me with a gift as a housewarming present. She’d asked what I wanted and I told her that a gargoyle would be good. I have a kitchen gargoyle, but since I have two flat surfaces at the bottom of the steps, I thought a gargoyle might be a good thing to go there or in the garden. My friend excitedly presented me with a white bag this morning and asked me to open my gift.

I opened the bag, drew out the box and opened it to shuffle around in the pink tissue paper and found a small doll whose mouth was stretched into a grimace and his teeth were razor sharp and plentiful. He had beady eyes and little horns on his head and while his tongue was rolled out and waiting for you ashes, he immediately took me back in time. ACK!!

Luckily, my friend knows me well enough to understand that while I loved the fact that she bought me a gift, the one she’d chosen because she thought he was “cute”, freaked me out a bit so she removed him from my presence. She wasn’t offended, but didn’t see the same need for my reaction. ( I even went in to the kitchen to check the box and make sure that little sucker was still in there. )


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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