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“Have fun, be crazy, be weird.”–@tonyrobbins

“Have fun, be crazy, be weird.”–@tonyrobbins.

This has been in my drafts for a little over a year. I’m not sure why I just let it sit there, languishing. It’s a great quote and reminds me that things aren’t as “heavy” as I think they are at times.

The earth won’t collapse if I messed up someone’s ticket request by overwriting an xl file with a new file, right? I’m pretty sure I didn’t overwrite something I’d made a note of on an impermanent file… pretty sure…. ARGH!!

No, the earth won’t collapse, but there could be a very angry and upset parent with guests and no seats if I did. I guess this calls for a review of emails about ticketing. Sigh… I’ve just added another hour or two to the Human Tetris process.  I guess my inner Loki felt as though I needed some additional challenge this year. Maybe I can find an inner Hulk to smash the hell out of that stupid Loki as well. Do they have guided meditation for those kinds of things?

Let’s see. Have fun. Be crazy. Be weird.

I think I’ve achieved the “Be crazy” with my inner god vs. inner superhero reference.

I think I’ve achieved the “Be weird” as well.

Looks like I need to achieve the “Have fun” portion of this equation.

To that end, I’m going for a walk with some music and my puppy. Screw Human Tetris, Loki and the Hulk.




I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

2 thoughts on ““Have fun, be crazy, be weird.”–@tonyrobbins

  1. Um…don’t you mean MY puppy??? Gimme my dog! LOL

    There has to be an easier way to do your ticketing…like…just start having all concerts in a huge empty room, and people can just sit on the floor wherever they want. Or, have everyone put their ticket request into a huge fish bowl. Then, pour a little lighter fluid into the bowl with the requests, and ignite. Then, just seat everyone wherever the hell you want, and only give preferential treatment to those who slip you a $50.

    Problem solved!

    1. No, you abandoned your puppy. He’s mine now. And he’s adorable and soft and cute and lovable. Oh, and getting big.

      I like your ticketing thoughts about the fire in the fish bowl. Another option would be to do online ticketing and trust that 1. People are honest enough to not work the system and buy out the entire venue, and 2. People are responsible enough to follow through with purchasing said tickets and didn’t come back at me because they are “busy” or “forgot”. Until either of those are a given, I’m stuck with Human Tetris.

      Call it job security.

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