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My Hero, again.

Scout helps with the laundry

Last night I awoke to what sounded like fluid dripping on the floor. My first thought was that my bedroom door was closed and one of my cats just couldn’t “hold it” anymore.

I flicked on the light to see Scout, my bat hero, sitting on the floor and Sally stretched out on my bed. Assuming it was Scout who was the culprit, I opened my bedroom door and asked him to leave. He slowly stood up, looked over at the baseboard heater and stalked out.

I closed the door and went over to inspect the floor, which was dry. Hmmm… and then I saw something brownish under the baseboard. Thinking it was probably a leaf that he’d been playing with, I swiped my toe over the brown thing.

Which started to squeak and chatter.
O.M.G. NO!

I raced to get my glasses and a flashlight and sure enough, wedged there under my baseboard heater was another BAT. EEK!

Scout followed me back into my room and looked at me with a smug “Told you so!” look.

Back out to the kitchen, still in a sleepy daze, I started looking around for another container. The coffee can wasn’t available, so I found a bowl. Hey, I was a bit freaked out and not quite awake. And this bat was in my BEDROOM.

I paced back and forth until I couldn’t take it anymore and woke up the Hubby. Bless him, he got a container with a lid and pried my little enemy from where it was stuck under the baseboard heater and removed it from the house. Then went back to bed. I swear, not much flusters that man. (Love you, honey!)

I can’t say I slept much after that. I did some bat research, dozed and woke up a few times after dreaming something was under my covers. The whole time, Scout was right there with me, so I felt a bit better.

It’s going to be a long day. Pass the caffeine.


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