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General Muttering

A few things today….

1. I went to a dinner where BOTH my sisters and my BROTHER attended. That’s a feat that hasn’t been accomplished in about 8 years.

Everyone was great with one another and we all enjoyed catching up. A little disturbing to find out some of the medical issues they’ve been quiet about and the fact that my brother almost died last spring, but I’m hoping we can repeat that without another 8 years going by.

2. I went to a breakfast at the local fire hall. Now this doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, right? But I think I may have been just as nervous as going to dinner with the family. It should have been an easy thing to do, but I was anxious because it’s something I hadn’t done before and there wasn’t anyone I’d know there beyond Hubby – or so I thought. I know Jenny thinks I’m a social butterfly that adapts perfectly to whatever social scenario I’m in, but that’s not really true.

This was an AUCE buffet deal and I was very appreciative when the woman rushed from the ticket table to the buffet line to remove the onions – just in case! :0) Although, I did point out that I was in a pretty good environment should I happen to get a smidgen of the toxic things, but she still wanted them gone! We got our breakfast choices and headed to a table.

As I was passing the one table between my seat and the buffet, a woman caught my eye and said, “Do you know who we are?”  OMG.. panic mode sets in. I look at this woman and haven’t a clue. I scan my memory for work contacts and nuthin’. She gestures to her husband, who looks vaguely familiar.

I’ve met one neighbor one time in the two years I’ve lived here, and he’s a gentleman who has to be in his late 60’s. So, I took a stab at it and said, “Neighbors?”  The look of confusion on his face let me know I was wrong. Honestly, my stomach sank. Anxiety ratcheted up and my mouth went dry.

Bless him, he said, “Think meat.”

That’s when recognition hit. I’d purchased some beef from this man about a year ago. I’d been to his farm exactly ONE time and spent maybe an hour deciding what kind of cuts I wanted to buy. How the heck did he remember me? I greeting him by his last name – which he promptly told me not to do – and his wife introduced herself. I felt a bit of relief because I’d never seen her at all, so no wonder I didn’t have a clue when she first spoke up. Pleasantries were exchanged and I sat down and ate my meal with Hubby. Just before they left, they turned and chatted for a minute about how their calving was going along and how the winter had been and let me know that they should have some meat available again soon.

He was a very nice man when I’d met him the first time, and I was glad to see he was doing well, but how the heck did he remember me? Still impresses me.

Hubby got up to get another plate of food and a woman walks over to his side of the table, gestures to his chair and says, “This your husband?”

Uh oh. I don’t know this face either.  I told her he was, and she leaned down and picked up the $6.00 he’d dropped on the floor. Then she told me I shouldn’t let him have money if he wasn’t going to be responsible with it. I thanked her, as did Hubby.

It was a simple enough interaction, but it made me feel more welcome in this environment, and I realized that by deciding to come to breakfast, we’d just taken some of our first steps into becoming part of this community and a lifestyle where just about everything happens at the fire house, church, Elks or Lion’s club or something of that sort. It’s a very farm-centered area, although you can see that starting to fray a bit in places, it’s still pretty strong. I picked up some fliers for upcoming events, like Bingo and a shrimp feed, so maybe we’ll come to a few more.

3. Two totally random things:      Sammy (my puppy) is addicted to envelope glue. He keeps stealing envelopes whenever he can and he shreds them to get to the gum on the flaps. Weird dog!

The inordinate amount of freakishly tall women I saw yesterday made me wonder what’s in the water up here.



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