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I got my hair done today. I don’t really like it. I was happier when I was two toned and that wasn’t happy at all. Now my hair is many shades darker than I’ve ever liked it and am a bit miffed because the lady did the exact opposite of what I was looking for. I’m sure she didn’t mean to make me so upset, and she did a good job…on the hair cut and the quality of the color.. but I just don’t feel like me.

Then I went to pick up my glasses, or should I say lenses. I get that I’ll have to get used to them, since they are progressive lenses. The adjustment for seeing out of the bottom of the glasses really isn’t that difficult for me. The problems I am having is that the prescription on the top part seems so out of whack. I can barely see. And I paid to have an anti glare coating on them and I don’t think that happened.I’m going to have to call and see…it’s so frustrating to have not been able to see without two pair of glasses for so long and now (even tho I KNOW I have to try and give them some time) I still can’t see. I can’t tell you how frustrating it’s been to not be able to focus.

Trivial things in the scope of the world, but just stuff bugging me today.


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One thought on “Harrumph

  1. My first pair of progressives had the anti-glare on them and I finally took them back and made them remove the coating. It weirded out the glasses big time. It was like everything on the sides was coming at me faster than what I was walking towards. They also may not be situated on your face just right. Make them re-adjust how they sit.

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