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I have come back to my office no less than 4 times to get the number to
my Dr.’s office. It would be nice if they would let me know if I *DO*
have a blood clot in my leg before the weekend. I mean strokes,
embolisms and other health complications might make for an exciting
weekend, but I’d really rather be able to live through the weekend and
be bored than to NOT!!

Each time I’ve come back, I’ve been distracted. By the way? This blog?
About being distracted? Lol, it’s my 5th attempt to get the number and call.

Procrastinate much? Nah…

Distraction 6- dog barking…

Distraction 7 – daughter came home!! YAY!!

Distraction 8 – kinda… I did call the Dr. but of course I only called
after hanging out with the daughter and getting the latest scoop on
what’s going on.

Then I left this blog up and open for EVER while we got our toes done,
made some lasagna, watched numerous movies and enjoyed visiting with my
daughter, who just left to go back to school.

But, the Dr. never called back. Go Fig.

I have to work today, Sunday, so I guess I should really wrap this up and get a move on!

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No Guilt

Yesterday I had to go to some training. Honestly, I can see how it will help the people in the main office, and some of the data collection will make things slightly easier for me, but pretty much, this change doesn’t really change much for me. Considering the hype I had heard from the developers, I thought this was going to be something huge, but it’s not. At least not yet. Maybe they’ll get there eventually.

Basically, if you have ever shopped online, you can work this new version of the registration process. Again, probably a big improvement in the office, but not for my practical data manipulation. Oh well.

Then I got asked to stay and chat about a project that’s going on that involves some paper. Honestly, we haven’t figured out a way to deliver this project in a better format, since these are unique individuals, but the powers that be wanted me to figure out a way to use less paper. I’ve already reduced the mailing quite a bit. I don’t think they realize how I’ve been honing this mailing list for awhile. Then the discussion was whether or not I HAD to use letterhead. For some reason, letterhead seems to be a VERY pricey thing. I’m talking VERY PRICEY. I’m beginning to wonder if someone is gouging them if that’s truly how much they have to pay for 2 reams of paper and 2 boxes of envelopes. I mean, we are talking about a mailing of under 1000 people.

But the icing on the cake.. the thing that nibbled at what’s left of my brain… was one of the last things said to me. I recently had my review and I’m proud to say I got an excellent one. Glowing you might say. But what was mentioned to me was that now that I’m working there, money is so tight in the budget because I have a salary. I don’t think the person who said it was trying to be mean or purposefully wanted to make me feel bad, but anyone who knows me will know that I’d rather volunteer than haggle over money.To be told that now that I have a salary, they have to economize to afford to keep me just made my guts clench. Does that mean they are that close to having to cut me? Does that mean I won’t get the raise I should? (probably… but I’d rather have the job and not get the raise if it’s that bad) Still, I don’t like feeling like I’m a burden to anyone for anything.

Dunno… I guess I’ll just keep plugging away. At least the kids LOVED the cd I made for them. I’d prefer to deal with the kids any day of the week.. oh hey… I do!

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I got home from work about 10:30 or so and sat down to answer some of the emails that come in after rehearsals. Someone always has a question about something! I’ve been pretty jazzed today, trying to get ahead of some of the paperwork that tends to steamroll me this time of the year and I’m psyched about some training I have to do tomorrow. (Oh how I hate the nervous butterflies I get!)

After the emails, I poked around at a few blogs I read and I wrote one for another place I post and FINALLY started to get sleepy. Bessie, the cat, had been in to “collect” me for bed at least three times by this point. She believes in a prompt bed time and will come pat my face while I’m typing if she doesn’t think I’m paying enough attention to her timing.

I decided that it was time for bed and went into my room with Bessie winding her way around my feet and meowing loudly. This is a little weird, because normally she shoots past me and leaps on the bed. When I turned on the light, I see what she’s been trying to tell me. She’s puked all over my bed. O. M. G. Don’t you just love it?

Grrr, so I go to get new bedding and make up a fresh and cozy place to lay my head and go into my bathroom to brush my teeth and do my nightly ablutions  and there, all over my formerly pristine white shower, are muddy puppy paw prints. Apparently, while Mommy was away at work, Bess felt my bed needed to be spruced up with puke and Piper, the dog, thought my shower needed the added accent of puppy prints.

I hadn’t planned on recleaning my room before I go to bed… sigh. Gotta love those furry children I have.

Bess has come back while I’ve been typing this. I guess it’s bed time since the boss is meowing in my face. G’nite!

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Happy Birthday, Roj!

happy birthday
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Happy Birthday Roj
Not that he ever looks over here, but I thought I’d say a public HB to him anyway. Do I get props for effort?

I was waiting for the appraiser, who isn’t coming until tomorrow now and so instead, I think I’ll head off to the Dr. I’m having troubles not feeling dozey and would really like to get up and go take a nap.. but no go. I have to leave in an hour, and I don’t think she’d appreciate it if I were asleep during¬† our meeting.


ok, I guess I should go get ready… btw

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROJ… just in case you do show up I wanted to say it again… lol

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Racing around to get it all done, checking my email before I go hop in
the shower and rush out to rehearsal I found this in my inbox.

Chris wrote on your Wall:

“Sharon – Good to “see” you again! Are
you still in the Maryland area? I’ll always remember you as one of the
nicest people I’ve ever met. Cheers, Chris”

How sweet!! I went to high school with Chris, he and I were in American History together. Funny how you never know what someone really thought about you until years later. Still, it’s really nice to hear someone from your past say something positive about you. It means your feet were on the right path and hopefully still are!!


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The Theme Continues

I’m still seeing yellow and black at every turn. It’s probably that I’ve just become so hyper aware of it because I dreamed of these two colors every night last week.

Now it seems that everywhere I turn, I’m seeing yellow mini pick-ups and I’m expecting some crazed teen to start chasing me in one.

Yesterday was one of my most favorite people in the world’s birthday. Lupita.
I made sure I got her some yellow roses and a card and I took her some cookies. It was nice to catch up with her. She turned 75 and she’s still up and about, and as feisty as ever. I LOVE that woman!!

I have a confession to make. I watched Celebrity Apprentice tonight. (winces)
Before you judge me, the part I love is to see how creative people get in trying to market and complete their tasks. The in-fighting and the board room frankly make me cringe, but I watch it grudgingly.

We are bracing for what is supposed to be a large winter storm overnight. Hubby went to work early, frozen foods and pillow in hand. He decided to tough it out by sleeping on the floor of his office so he’d be there in time to open the building and wouldn’t have to travel at his normal 4am, when the roads would probably be the slickest.¬† I can’t fault his reasons, but I have troubles sleeping when he’s not here. I feel like I’m “on alert” the entire time. I have the hair-trigger-barking dog and my son is here, so I’m certainly not alone. Best of all, I have the ever vigilant and highly aggressive attack-cat by my side. (She’ll suffocate you with her fluffy fur so you better stand back!!)

Otherwise, a brief update on my weekend, since I couldn’t possibly have bored you to sleep yet. I mean, I’m still awake… so maybe you are too! I baked cookies on Friday to take to a party on Saturday. Sadly, it was not as well attended as we would have liked, but the space was awesome. This family had converted their old stable into a party palace, complete with bar, lights, stereo system, theater a full bath and tables galore. It was THE best place to have a party. Couple that with their own private soccer field, basketball court and a beautiful house and I can see how it would be party central.

Saturday night, as we were coming home, we happened across a house fire in the historic district of a nearby town. We ended up getting stuck in a parking lot by two pumper trucks and watched as the house that had been shooting flames out of it’s windows, was tamed by the local fire department. It was strange, because as much as I felt uncomfortable and sad for the family, watching the fire department do it’s job so well was very interesting.

When we got home, we watched the first episode of the first season of Torchwood. I’m not sure I’m going to like this, but I’ll give it a chance. Seems to me that where Dr. Who is a mainstream kind of “family” entertainment, Torchwood is gear towards a slightly more adult crowd. I guess we’ll see how that experiment goes.

You already know about my Sunday… 75 year olds, Celebrity Apprentice and snowstorms… oh my!

I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

OH! Before I go… what the hell is up with the search engine that lets you post what you are watching/reading/listening to ?? It’s been busted for a week now.. c’mon guys.. Facebook wouldn’t slouch this way!!