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Double Digits 99

We are officially into the double digits for my Project 121 countdown. Today I was 1.5 inches smaller. Not a huge loss, but I’ll take every little centimeter.

Today was the first rehearsal with our Chorus. Mr. Kibblewhite said we were wonderful and should be “internationally known”. I guess we are going to help spread the word when we are in Italy, and hopefully impress them.

I had a wide variation kind of day. I picked up dinner for our guest, cut tickets for a concert, looked up Italy travel tips on bathrooms ( hey! that’s serious work there. YOU take 86 kids somewhere without knowing about the potty, I DARE you!) made reservations for my anniversary dinner and worked on billing and budgets. I even got a walk in today, although I didn’t see the pony today.

My mp3 player decided to grace me with an awesome mix of tunes, especially Escape Velocity by the Chemical Brothers. I know some of you don’t like my taste in music, but when a song consistently makes me grin from ear to ear whenever I hear it, then you know it’s going to show up on a blog somewhere.

Hope you enjoy it~ :0)