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Lifesaver Rabbit


Admit it. He’s cute. In a strange egg-shaped way, he’s adorable. So what if he doesn’t have arms or a tail, his smiling little face amuses me.
I have yet to name my bunny, so I’m open to suggestions.

I had read all kinds of articles about how sitting for long periods of time just isn’t good for you and realized that while I’m the picture of good health, I wanted to stay that way. I tried to look online for widgets and desktop alarms that would jolt me from my work-time clickety-clack stupor and remind me that I had functional legs, but couldn’t find anything that worked just the way I wanted. Just the way a simple kitchen timer does. Trust me… I can sit if I’m focused… or on an airplane. Fyi, even though I’ve been across the country a couple of times and over the pond 3 times so far, I’ve NEVER used an airplane’s facilities. NEVER. People, do you hear what I am saying here? I can sit on a plane for 8-9 hours and NOT MOVE from my seat.

So I decided I would find a cute kitchen timer for my office and set it to go off every hour or so. Or, like now, for the 15 minutes I have before I go to work. That way, when my timer went off with a  brrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg, (yepyepyep, unhuh, unhuh) I would get up and do something. Sometimes I’d go get a drink, sometimes I’d run up and down the steps, sometimes I’d just stretch. This part of my plan has worked out wonderfully, I must admit.
But what was tough, was finding a kitchen timer that you could stand to look at on your desk day in and day out. The mechanical ones are really boring and the more “kitchen” (kitschy) themed ones didn’t seem to fit. I’m not big on ladybugs – besides, I might try to put it in my bucket of doom, which is reserved for any little leggy things that invade my office. Since I like bunnies, I thought for sure it would be simple to find one that I could look at forever.

Not so much. This guy took me a few days of hunting on amazon and ebay (more sitting) and ended up costing me $14.00, since he is a fine Swiss-made time piece, I’ll have you know.

Since he’s been on the job, I find I’m more focused and I’ve danced around my office more than I had in the past. Because when the bunny brrrrinnnnggsss… and the music is moving you… the easiest thing to do during your break is to dance joyously about your office!

(I dare those of you who work in an office cubicle to try this. No one will ask you for much anymore.)