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I’m Singing In My Dreams

I had a dream that’s stuck with me all morning.

I was on another planet. Maybe it wasn’t another planet, but I was elsewhere. I never got a clear view of any of the inhabitants, really. I do remember they were familiar, as if they were human, but undefined. It was as if everything was in soft focus.

Anyway, I was interacting with these whatevertheyare and it was pleasant. We were enjoying our time together when a young one of them began to hum a tune and I began to hum along. Everyone stopped when they realized I knew this song. Their reaction was as if I shouldn’t or couldn’t know the song because the distance between where they are and where I am would have been prohibitive for it to have been something in common between the two of us. It was after this registered to me that I woke up.

It was a tune I was very familiar with and heard many times when I was young. My father played it often and although it’s only a small part of a bigger song, I’ve only ever remembered this part. I can easily say I haven’t actually sung or heard it for 30 years or more. YOU TUBE to the rescue!! Since I remembered the first line in the lyric, I could find it and played it as soon as I woke up.

I found it oddly poignant and something else I can’t quite describe. These are the kinds of dreams where you feel like you are being told something. Either by an outside source, or by your own internal voice.

I figured I’d share…

Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you

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Basement Archery and Paul

This morning I was dreaming I was doing archery in my parent’s basement.

Odd, because it used to be that dreaming ANYTHING about the basement was a bad dream. This morning, there was a tournament or contest of some kind and I was supposed to hit a green area on a target that was divided up into many portions. Kind of like the posters you see that describe what kind of cut of meat you’ll get if you carve a cow up a certain way. Pleasant, eh?

As an interesting point of reference, my parent’s basement was divided into two parts. We called it “This Side” and “The Other Side”. In between the two sided there was a door. This is the door that the target was posted on. (My parent’s basement had an odd energy, but that’s a different story…)

Anyway, I was in the basement and I think Hubby had strung my bow, but when I went to pull it, the string fell off. There were others in the basement who were chuckling at the failure and I got kinda angry. I was determined to string my bow (I really do have one) and show them that I could hit their target. As I was getting ready to hook the string, some guy was looking at me in a scoffing manner, as if there was no way for me to complete my task. I did it easily and he raised his eyebrows. I notched an arrow and pulled back on my string. I noticed that I had arm braces on, which I WISH I owned, but I currently don’t as my old ones came apart from overuse and I haven’t gotten to a RenFest to buy some nice leather ones. In my dream, I remember noting that since I had those on, I knew something was amiss and as I pulled the string, I got disoriented and let my arrow fly in an awkward manner. The arrow skidded across the tile floor and ended up going under the door.

Adjusting my stance and pulling the string at the proper level, I took aim with my second arrow. I remember seeing the green area clearly, and that it wasn’t exactly where I thought it would have been on the target when looking at it with two eyes, so I adjusted my aim and let her fly.

Damnit if I didn’t wake up just as it was going to hit its green mark on the door between “this side” and “the other side”.   Nah, no symbolism there, eh?

I do remember dreaming something before I was in the basement during an archery challenge, but it’s mostly overshadowed by the fact that Paul Rudd was in my dream. And that I knew him. And that we kept exchanging smouldering looks of the “I know you” kind….

I know I have interesting preference in men, but c’mon…I think he’s handsome, generally seems to have a sense of humor and a perpetual smirk. That seems to be what does it for me. Harrison Ford in his Indiana Jones days, Dennis Miller before he started looking rough, Robert Downey, Jr. since he’s cleaned up some, and now… Paul Rudd. At least I’m consistent.



I think Hubby should feel very secure, don’t you?

Rainy day at Nueschwanstein didn't dampen our spirits