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Evaporative Time

What’s with the weekend? How is it that two days of normal work week seem to take forever to get through, but the minute you wake up on a Saturday – or on vacation – whoosh!!- time seems to evaporate. I mean literally it’s just gone!

How the hell does that happen.

Know what I got done today? A big fat nothing. I slept in, took a shower, laid in bed and then took another shower, made a salad and watched TV… whew, am I exhausted. Of course I understand that we all need some time to revive our spirits and our bodies, and I did promise that 2013 was going to be the year of my body. The year where I listen a bit more to its little nuances and messages. Sleep some, worry less, walk away from work now and then, avoid dairy and gluten and anything else my body doesn’t seem to want anymore.

Oddly enough, about a year ago you couldn’t pry my cold fingers off my coffee mug. I even bought a small espresso machine after my return from Spain. Now? phht… it smells better than it tastes anymore. I’ve turned the corner to jasmine green tea instead. Hey.. the body wanted it…so there it is.

I have piles everywhere on my desk and a recovery mission on my computer and that doesn’t even begin to discuss the actual WORK I need to get done.

FYI, if you ever get it into your head to “clean up your photo files” because you have multiples, just make sure you don’t have files inside files that show up as two files in your program, because you will ultimately delete the parent file without realizing that this is what you’ve done and have to pray that a Recovery program will save whatever it can from your deleted wastebasket.

Yup, sad to say. Time with my children… trips I’ve taken… friends I’ll never see again… all fragmented and partially recovered. It’s really pretty sad, actually, but I’ll just be thankful for what has been able to be recovered and go on with that.