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Wild Weather Moves -17

Mt. Airy Tornado forming

We had violent weather yesterday. Tornadoes passed us by on two sides and for that, I’m grateful. I’m hoping that there wasn’t really any damage to anyone else. (and yes, my technical side says there actually aren’t “two sides” when you basically live in a radius – chill)

Thunder in my new home is strange. I hear an occasional boom, but unlike when I lived in the ‘burbs with buildings everywhere, here in the hills it just kinda rolls along forever and never really ends. It was a little disturbing and the dog purely hates it. She was never this much of a ‘fraidy cat before. Still, I trust her ears and reactions more than my own because the time she was racing around looking for a place to hide ended up being just before the closest tornado went by. She may look like a naked mole rat now, but she’s still my best indicator when I’m hiding in the basement.

We are parents again! Well, just for the weekend. We are blessed with a visitation by our friends’ two teenaged children while she visits her ailing mother. It’s pretty amazing the difference in the energy around here when the kids come to visit. Slipping in to psuedo-mom wasn’t difficult at all, and in fact, felt really good. I’ve said something to Hubby about adopting or fostering foreign students, but he looks at me like I’ve grown a second head when I mention it, so I think he’s not really on board for that kind of thing.

I’m going to help my son pack a trailer and head off for his new life in Houston. He and his new wife are moving back to her hometown. I want him happy, but I can’t say I won’t miss him. A bunch. I’m sure weeping will ensue, but I’m hoping not too much and only the happy kind. (ok, I can dream, can’t I?) If this is the way it works, with the son going to live with the daughter’s family, then why did my daughter move to Pittsburgh? Just sayin’. (and I’m sure I’ll hear a stern and beleaguered, “mom” from her later)

Yes, the countdown to travel has begun. 17 days until I leave for Spain! EEK! and YAY!